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oracle weed seeds

The results are fabulous; Short, Fat , ULTRA Fast Finishing with a Long Lasting 8 hour high. She has many wonderful flavors of skunk berry, sweet sugar cane and basil among other undertones.

You will be harvesting Oracle before your other strains start to show thier sex. There is nothing that will finish faster, fatter or heavier. Oracle is the holy grail of ganja.

Euphoria adds to the length of the high, the Elephant adds the massive trichomes and yield, and our unreleased ultra fast upstate will have her fully finished outdoors before any other strain you place it up against.

Oracle weed seeds

My order arrived today, thursday dec 28th in the morning, just a bit later than normal due to the holidays I’m sure. Happy holidays bc

I grew this last year And it was the best weed I ever smoked. I’m very happy with everything from this seed bank. The freebies, the yields, the delivery. I just didn’t like sending cash in the mail.

Trying to remain calm here, and not be biased. I am a medical provider user in ca, I have seen many strains come, and go in the medical community. Only powerful pain reliving strains are wanted from our customers, and they are used to the most potent grades. Many Kudos (cudos?) to Oracle for helping people they deserve a better life. We know when a strain works because it is asked for when it sells out and demand is high, and right now, Oracle and Elephant Bud are our top 2 sellers that we can’t keep in stock.

Oracle Bud Strain

I use your cannabis for personal recreation, not too often but my job is stressful and I love the ability to be relaxed within minutes of arriving home after an hour of commuting in heavy traffic. I have been using recreational for for about 2 decades, I was too busy in College and did not start smoking cannabis till my late 20’s. I used to buy my cannabis but found they quality and the type of buzz varied, as did the moisture. Often it was too wet and it took a microwave to be able to dry it out enough that it would burn without going out. So I decided to grow my own. It’s easy enough, but I thought it would really cut into my career, which it did at first until I gained enough skills to get a small grow set-up that pretty much does everything for me. As a professional, my colleagues are very surprised to find a few plants growing in my small apartment, and it makes a great conversation and I gain their respect when I am about 10 years older they they are. It has helped my popularity among my piers, and they all love your Oracle, more than anything they have smoked. I personally have to agree. Cannabis has helped my personal life and career and my ability to relax. This is just my little story I wanted to share, and since you helped me out, I thought I would return the favor by posting a review.

Hong Zhèng РOctober 30, 2016 :

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great results from other strains i bought from you, so i took the plunge even though my friends said I was crazy. Oracle is more than we all expected. We topped 4 of the 8 females and found it’s best not to do this, oracle will stay short and grow fatter if left untouched

Alexander Duncan – November 1, 2016 :