Orange Bud Seeds

Orange Bud Seeds
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Orange Bud Info

PLANT TYPE50% Indica 50% Sativa
THCUp to 18%
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS5 to 9 oz per 3x3ft

Orange Bud Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Dutch Passion is very proud of these 100% skunk cannabis seeds. Orange Bud is among the original skunk varieties yet still one of the greatest. Selected from wonderful Skunk genetics during the 80’s, it is usually a highly potent and extremely stable strain that grows well outdoors or indoors with just about any grow medium. Even new growers will discover Orange Bud basic and pleasurable to cultivate, producing generous degrees of dense, hard bud decorated with crystals and exquisite orange hairs. THC 16.5%. The highly potent smoke in the 16.5% THC content is cerebral and uplifting, beneficial for stoners that have active lifestyles. The authentic taste is sweet with clear citrus tones of ripe orange and nectarine. This continues to be a top-5 best seller for virtually all the right reasons – potent, stable, effortless to grow plus great yields. You shouldn’t have to select from high yield and quality when Dutch Passion’s Orange Bud can distribute both.

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  1. This strain is perfect for the inexperienced grower. It’s quite simple to grow under different conditions. Orange hairs will envelop the buds. Tastes resembling sweet candy.

  2. Green Devil Seeds Orange Kush introduces a “strongly Indica” Orange, accompanied by a citrus palate much sweeter along with notes of earth than his parent father (OG Kush). Orange Kush is the offspring of OG Kush and Orange Bud, the mom of Orange Haze. It expresses an enormous production grown both indoors and outdoors, producing large buds and lots of resinous THC as though everything ended up produced at maximum ripeness. For all of the advantages and connoisseurs around, Orange Kush is a true “caviar” for your palate. When grown outdoors, feel at ease acknowledging that your Orange Kush will branch out, develop about 2-3 meters tall, be immune to most pests and mold, develop superb quantities of flowers and mature from the outset of October. This Cannabis variety is really a curative strain that is most certainly relaxing, particularly when the client can accept the comfort of body and mind.

  3. Indica/Sativa A stabilized hybrid. Tremendously resinous, even the leaves. Some plants possess an obvious citrus flavour and aroma. Incredibly powerful, pretty clear high. Yields are just a bit above average.

  4. This Big Bud x Californian Orange cross reflects the best aspects of both these exceptional strains. By Willy Jack Seeds.

  5. Having its Big Bud and Northern Lights parents this plant is a true performer. Higher yield and fantastic taste guarantee this plant to become a champion everytime. Grows to moderate height and provides medium odour levels. Has the cerebral uplift related to Northern Lights however along with the outrageous yielding capabilities of Big Bud. A wonderfully balanced commercial yielding medical strain. Provides a clean uplifting euphoric pain numbing high devoid of nailing you to the sofa. (Don’t bother picking up the phone to order your pizza, run down there instead!

  6. Take yourself off to an ancient cathedral. Claustrum is actually the sativa plant masterpiece: a cross between 3 strains of highly heterozygous families: Super Silver Haze, Kali Mist and then Jack Herer. The 1st cross was between Kali Mist and Super Silver Haze, which gets a highly capricious descendancy. However, a plant with 50 % of the genetics from its two ancestors was actually picked. This super-sativa-hybrid was crossed by having Jack Herer, among the best-ever ranges. As an outcome, Claustrum is a fusion between the world’s best sativas. A plant that illustrates tremendously vigorous vegetative growth, which surprises also the most expert growers. It is genuinely suggested to optimise illumination as the plant can take in 100,000 lumens each m2 (600W) indoors, where it is capable to simply reach an elevation of one meter. Outside, if appropriately fed, it may outdo Sm. Comparable growth pattern to fir or candelabra with great internodal radius and then superb branch distribution, which enables the finest bud aeration. Almost endless supply of cuttings. Tiny amounts of leaves, but these are actually surprisingly huge. Produces long, large stigmas or little hairs during flowering. Once sniffed, it is troublesome to ignore Haze. It is really an unbelievably complex mix of incensed aromas that evoke the emotion of bing actually in church. When smoked, the scent multiplies noticeably, as well as it’ses at this spot that you recognize the cloister encounter. Like the greatest incense types that renders a somewhat pine eucalyptus aftertaste on the palate. Without hesitation one of the greatest tasting sativas. Highly activating and then euphoric. Suggested for leisurely sociable usage. When harvested at the best minute, it’ll yield best THC and minimal CBD degrees, creating a most psychedelic experience.

  7. Nirvana’s Venus Flytrap is actually an additional one of our new, high-production Skunk stresses. These marijuana seeds are inclined towards the Sativa side, delivering trees a much longer qualification and a more active talk. Bred by having business hobby in your mind, this marijuana stress is certain to maintain both users and growers incredibly happy. Venus Flytrap manufactures a typical, pleasing, skunky cannabis odor as well as long, easy-to-trim buds.

  8. Auto Stoned is the latest strain coming from this all auto seed company. AUTOFEM are the most current in Spanish seed companies currently generating cannabis seeds and they’ve got a one of a kind formula for success. Stoned goes from germinated seed to totally ripe bud in 60 days which is only 9 weeks. There isn’t a necessity for the lights being discussed as they are completely stable auto flowering plants. Stoned is best suited for 18-20 hours of light however when it involves auto’s it’s great to locate what fits you best.

  9. Omega Dawg by means of Alphakronik Genes stands out as the second hybrid being presented to the population utilizing the Chemdawg D mother plant they’ve held for almost 10 years. Delivering the uber-skunk taste and diesel fuel aroma onto the table, the Chemdawg D is among the most wanted clones on earth. By blending it collectively with the Spacequeen F2 Male which AKG has inside their stable they were in a position to bring a tad of refinement towards the raw strength that the Chemdawg offers. Subtly rounding off of the extreme flavors, the Spacequeen in addition has shown an inclination to include some extra trichome coverage to the hybrid it’s got the pleasure of siring.