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outdoor cannabis seeds for sale

Outdoor cannabis seeds for sale

4 to 7 seeds packs


Buying the best outdoor marijuana seeds guarantees better quality, more amount of cannabinoids and plants with more subtle and genuine aromas and flavours. In short, growing the best assures the best possible results. When you plant the best outdoor marijuana you also ensure huge yields. Cannabis plants, when grown outdoors, have the ability to grow much more than when grown indoors. By not having the height limitation that grow rooms have, the best outdoor marijuana is able to reach greater heights, which translates into a much larger harvest. While a feminized seed grown indoors can give you an average yield of 400-500 grams per square meter of cultivation, growing the same specimen outdoors, production can be multiplied.


Within Experiencia Natural’s selection of the best outdoor marijuana seeds you’ll find of all kinds of outdoor strains for all tastes. In this way, we have the best Indica, Sativa and hybrid varieties from the best seed banks in the world. In addition, you will have at your disposal the best specimens of yesterday and today. Therefore, whether you are looking for the best outdoor marijuana this year, or the best classic varieties ever, they will all be available in the Natural Experience catalogue.

Outdoor cannabis seeds for sale

When searching for outdoor weed seeds, be sure to use our Seed Selector (on the left) to add extra filters to your outdoor growers search. You can search by outdoor harvest time, smell, taste, hardiness, strength, yield, and more!

All Seed City cannabis seeds for outdoors are available to order online at the lowest possible prices, guaranteed! You can also rely on us to ship your outdoor marijuana seeds securely and discreetly, worldwide!

Outdoor cannabis seeds are seeds specially cultivated from marijuana genetics that are ideal for outdoor growth. Outdoor marijuana seeds are carefully selected based on their outside growing performance. If you are searching for an outdoor cannabis seed (or two, or six, or 100!) to add to your cannabis seeds collection – you’ve come to the right place! Seed City’s collection of outdoor pot seeds is vast and of excellent quality, including popular varieties such as AK 49, Purple Kush, THC Bomb, and White Widow.

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41 Sherb by Grounded Genetics is one of the latest lines of exotic crosses using some of the most sought after genetics in the modern cannabis gene pool.

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