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pablo’s mint seeds

It gives off a strong smell of flowers fused with fresh mint and forest peat. A touch of floral explosion. It is essential to use an activated carbon filter.

Sedative, relaxing and very long

A minty aftertaste that is hard to forget lingers on the palate. It is undoubtedly a delicacy for foodies.

Pablo’s mint seeds

We have developed friendships and relationships over the years that have resulted in one of the finest curations of artisan products in the Southwest.

A little taste of our Rio Grande Valley Cuisine makes a thoughtful, hand-crafted gift, perfect for colleagues, clients and employees alike.

A lavender latte and a warm hello.

Developed and tested in New Mexico’s arid high desert, this line is ideal for everyday use in any climate.

Our signature Lavender Salve has been healing dry hands since its inception years ago. Since then, the only thing that’s changed are the number of ways we’ve discovered to use it.

Local Artists & Makers

The rejuvenating, healing properties of lavender blend perfectly with uplifting peppermint to refresh the skin and awaken all the senses. Invigorate your morning routine with our all-natural Lavender Peppermint Collection.