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pakistan valley seeds

Pakistan Valley originates from the Hindu Kush mountains of northern Pakistan and has been made commercially available after several years of thoroughly meticulous selection. It is a pure indica strain that is simply one of the best indoor marijuana plants ever created and which also has therapeutic uses.

Pakistan Valley is a hardy, robust plant with good resistance to drought and medium resistance to both pests and mould. It is quite compact but it does grow many side-branches. It grows successfully indoors as well as outdoors; indoor flowering times are fast at 45 – 55 days, outdoors it will be ready for the chop in early October north of the equator. It has a powerful aroma of incense (sandalwood) during flowering and some measures may be required to nullify this. Growing guidelines suggest that this plant is not given more than 3 weeks in vegetative growth before instigating the flowering phase.

Indoors this strain will produce about 400 gr/m2 or between 500 – 600 gr/plant when cultivated outdoors. THC production has been measured at 21.2% and elevated amounts of CBD are produced although we do not have the exact figure for this therapeutically useful cannabinoid. The effect is very powerful, long-lasting and narcotic. Therapeutic recommendations are for pain relief, insomnia and stress.

Pakistan valley seeds

Pakistan Valley by World of Seeds is a plant that comes from the Hindu Kush mountains in the north of Pakistan. This 100% indica strain isn’t a hybrid – it’s a landrace strain that has been growing in the wild for thousands of years.

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Indoors these plants don’t grow that much, so give them about 30 days before you flip the lights to 12/12h. Pakistan Valley has quite a strong structure, so you shouldn’t have to train it to hold up its branches. It should be ready after around 45-55 days to finish flowering , making it one of the fastest strains that can produce up to 400g per square meter under perfect conditions .

Pakistan Valley Grown Indoors

Outdoors these plants have a typically indica structure, looking quite bushy and staying short but wide. Pakistan Valley shouldn’t grow over 2.5m tall if you let it grow without pruning or topping. We recommend using preventive treatments to avoid any scares with pests or rot once it begins to flower. You should be able to harvest towards mid-October – make sure to keep the leftover trimmings in order to make some intense hash extracts.

Pakistan Valley by World of Seeds is a landrace strain that comes from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Pakistan. This is one of the best medicinal strains available and is perfect for growing indoors under artificial lighting. High CBD content.

Pakistan Valley – One of the Purest Indica Strains on the Planet

Pakistan Valley has an intense incensed flavor , similar to the legendary Jack Herer that Haze lovers everywhere appreciate. It has a potent, intense and long-lasting effect and it also has up to 22% THC.