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palouse sunset seeds

Palouse sunset seeds

Crop Designs from Steptoe Butte

The Tuscany of the West

Do you think there is a formula used to calculate the damage done by tractor tires driving on the crop. Isn’t the crop damaged by these tracks? In Italy it was clear at times farmers rode through the crop spraying for pests. Here I’m not so sure. Maybe it is just proof farmers, like cowboys, can ride off into the sunset. I’ll need to return and take this photo at sunset.

Driving Around the Palouse

The Palouse farming region in eastern Washington, near Moscow, Idaho is a beautiful patchwork of fertile farmland planted with spring and winter wheat, mustard seed, canola and garbanzo. The hills and creeks play a role in forming the unique designs found in the photographs of this rich farmland.

Palouse sunset seeds

‘Palette’ by Phillip Chang

‘Sunset Light and Shadows’ by Lydia Jacobs

‘A Creek Runs Through It’ by Danny Gao

‘Velvet’ by Rob Darby

‘Sunshine’ by Aidong Ning

by Editor Rob Darby
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe , the 17th of December 2021

Steptoe Butte – the highest point in the region with a good road leading to the top. Here photographers congregate at sunrise (which I should warn you is very early since the Palouse is in the northern part of the US) and at sunset. This locale gives you a birds-eye view of the area, but requires a long-lens (300mm+) to get the most interesting compositions, especially if you are drawn to abstract landscapes.