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peppermint kush seeds

Peppermint kush seeds

We will match your seeds with Feminised or Auto depending on your selection, We have a great choice of free seeds from all the big brands!!

• Average Flowering Time 50-55 Days
• Average THC Content- 22%
• Heavy Colas in Last Few Weeks

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Note: We receive new seeds stock daily, on occasions yours will be ordered in & posted the very next day.

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It is illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK. These seeds are for collectable and/or souvenir purposes only

You can expect exactly what you hear in the name from Peppermint Kush. You will find flavors with peppery tones and minty like after taste. With the THC content averaging at 22% Peppermint Kush is one lady everyone will want to add to their collection.
These girls will strut their thing showing beautiful nugs after flowering in as little as 50-55 days. The phenomenal Peppermint Kush feminized seeds from Barneys Farm are capable of producing an average of 550 grams per square meter or better. These do require a little extra support as they grow because the buds are enormous during the last two weeks of flowering and tend to snap the branches if they’re not supported. Beautiful colors will tantalize the eyes giving true meaning to the term eye candy as the sweet sensations of Peppermint Kush take over the body and relaxes the soul. When you need a great Indica cannabis strain in your collection remember and are looking for genetics that won’t just cultivate a plant but rather a bush, be sure to remember Peppermint Kush.


If you’re looking for a phenomenal feminized 90% Indica dominant cannabis strain, then here’s one that fits that name. This is one lovely bush that goes by the name of Peppermint Kush. Peppermint Kush is a delectable feminized cannabis strain that comes from the legendary master breeders and growers of Barneys Farm. You can find the incredible Peppermint Kush here at The genetics used to create the delectable strain known as Peppermint Kush are legendary themselves. Nepali Kush and Stella Blue come together and their child was none other than Peppermint Kush.

Peppermint kush seeds

Crossing the famous Stella Blue with our Nepali Kush results in a truly beautiful experience.The aroma and punch of taste is delicious.

The authentic pepper of Stella tempered with the minty after taste of Nepali is irresistible.

Stella Blue X Nepali Kush

45-60 days Relaxed Mostly Indica 450 – 600 grams per m2 Feminized Cool

The plant grows medium height with a beautiful array of colors. Large dense colas develop on many branches and produces a great yield of wonderfully seductive aromatic cannabis.

This is a mostly indica cannabis strain that should not exceed one meter in height. It will grow very well indoors and outdoors. Indoors growers can harvest 550 gr/m 2 in 7 – 8 weeks of flowering; outdoors harvest will be in mid-September in northern latitudes. The development of colas is also quite prodigious on the side-branches and support will be necessary in order to avoid them snapping under the weight.

Peppermint Kush brings together Barney’s own Stella Blue with a Nepalese Kush plant. Peppermint Kush produces large, dense colas with a colourful display that will delight the eyes.

The aromas and flavours combine the pepper of the Stella Blue with the aromatic mint of the Nepalese Kush. THC production has been measured at 22% with CBD at 1.1%. This is a very potent cannabis plant that should please anyone who is fortunate enough to encounter it.