PEV Seeds Review

PEV Seeds Review

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In PEV Bank Seeds we offer a wide catalogue based on the experience of our breeders and the best genetics of the European and American market. In recent years our technicians have focused on the production of seeds on an industrial scale, as some of them have been developing hemp seeds for both agricultural and food uses. It is for it that we have a wide experience in methods of industrial production of seeds of marijuana, elaborating varieties with the ratios cannabinoids and composition of terpenes that more you demand us, so much to medicinal level as recreational.

3 thoughts on “PEV Seeds Review”

  1. Its long flowering period builds up a rigorous spacey high which includes a defined incredibly sweet and spicy fragrance. Grows quickly and stretches during flowering and may even need pruning or bending. The finished plant produces large hefty colops dripping with sativa trichromes.

  2. Mainly indica genetics, short and loves to branch out along with dense trichome covered buds. Perfect for sea of green method growing. Smoke is extremely smooth and citrus taste. The high is medium to heavy. Yield is above average and trichome production is immense. Kether symbolizes the origin on top of the Tree of Life, simply put, the divine name. I am that I am. Allow thine I be single complete with light. Boyakasha!

  3. These notorious Seeds is the resultant cross of 2 of British Columbia’s very best outdoor based strains, particularly Texada Timewarp & Purple Pineberry, each of which are legendary in themselves. The mix of those two heavyweights have developed a complementary Indica/ Sativa hybrid, that is available nowadays for sale in regular marijuana seed form.