Philosopher Seeds Review

Philosopher Seeds Review

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Philosopher Seeds is a cannabis seed bank involved in breeding projects since the 90’s, which entered the market in 2008 hand in hand with Alchimia Grow Shop.

We are an artisan seed bank, everything is handmade with extreme care and then supervised by reputed professionals of the sector. We produce our own seeds using our own genetics, which is a guarantee of quality.

3 thoughts on “Philosopher Seeds Review”

  1. For Sativa enthusiasts, we selected one with a cinnamon aroma and extraordinary buzz. It’s based on an quite unique Jack Herer phenotype and may be placed under 12/12 hours after one week. Optimum yields indoors are achievable, by putting the best flowering individuals together (6-7 out of 10). Please note they do reach height! (approx. 1.5m). Excellent performance outdoors among the olive or orange trees. 90% Sativa.

  2. Dutch Passion invented Voodoo, a green strain by Thai parents in 1997. The Thai parents are grown in Holland for many years already. A tremendously powerful plant with long dense buds. Possesses a Thai odor plus a clear, fresh smell.

  3. Mendo Montage was created originating from a venture started with much support and guidance from Jojorizo (RIP 2007). Selection was created from 12 Mendo Purps females and then we used an outstanding Crystal Locomotive male . MM shows real stableness and potency. The buds are tight and loaded with trichomes. The result is potent and can get you plastered to the couch during which you may undoubtedly be pinned for around 2 hours. Wonderful grape and candy tastes with mucho purple with lavender hues 8 to 9 weeks -excellent yield simple to grow vigorous quite strong AAA medical effect.