Pick ‘N’ Mix Seedbank Review

Pick 'N' Mix Seedbank Review

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The Pick and Mix Seed Bank website may be bright and colorful and fun to look at, but more than that, it is incredibly well organized. It appears the designers of this seed bank site took a good amount of time and effort to present their products in a professional manner. The site breaks down all the information one hopes to find in a seed bank in a well-informed manner. The designers clearly understand what it is a buyer is looking for and how to make shopping easier.

The main theme of this bank is obviously the pick and mix option. Seeds can be bought in groups of ten but can also be selected in smaller numbers. To be able to pick individual seeds offers a lot of advantages. This eliminates the risk of paying for ten of a seed you really only want to sample. Now the buyer can select a whole buffet of varieties without wasted cost or added fees for buying individual seeds. Building a diverse collection of seeds is made easier than it has ever been before.

The selection of seeds is organized into seed banks and seed types. The site has close to sixty individual banks listed and each with their unique library of seeds laid out for browsing. Many of the banks are well established names, listing their awards through the years and their impressive pedigrees of initial stock.

The structure of the seed details is incredibly user-friendly. Each bank’s inventory is laid out on their page, with colored plant pictures and a brief info blurb. Click on the seed type and you are taken to a page with a detailed description of the variety and its growing personality. Also on this page is a list of reviews from other seed buyers with helpful insight on the seed’s perks and quirks. Along the right side of the screen, Pick and Mix provides recommendations based off your interest in this seed. This shows you seeds with similar height and flowering period available on the site.

This site has both high and low points, as far as design and convenience.


  • very well organized
  • ordering system is designed in a professional manner
  • wide variety
  • pick and mix option


  • no choice between feminized and non-feminized seeds for the pick and mix option
  • prices are only presented in British pounds
  • sells only seeds, no other products or equipment

Pick and Mix seems to enjoy taking care of their customers. They regularly offer discounts on orders, as high as a recent 20% discount for large orders. Not only is the website a user-friendly, positive experience, the entire operation seems to be well organized and very professional. This is a good sign for buyers who appreciate prompt and quality service. The pick and mix option makes the entire site a regular buffet of quality seeds. PickandMixSeeds.co.uk has simplified and stream-lined the online seed bank experience.

3 thoughts on “Pick ‘N’ Mix Seedbank Review”

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  2. The Haze plant originally came from California. It is a pure sativa plant that flowers long. The plant has thin gold bronze coloured buds. The yield is a bit low but the almost psycadelic high is very unique. A special treat for the connoisseur.

  3. The fragrance and flavor with this variety is sour and tangy, smells similar to kitchen herbs, sage and thyme with a pungent flavor.