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pictures of weed plants growing

Take meticulous notes on when and how you perform each step, as well as what the weather is like. Other notes can include how much water you give plants, at what intervals, and how much nutrients you give them. Pictures will also give you a better sense of how your plants look along the way.

Marijuana light cycle: 16 hours a day

Notes on marijuana growth phases

Be very careful to not overwater the plant in its seedling stage—its roots are so small, it doesn’t need much water to thrive.

Marijuana light cycle: 12 hours a day

Seed germination

Within the flowering stage, there are three subphases:

Pictures of weed plants growing

Marijuana buds are higher in THC than other parts of the plant and are sold at a premium. As marijuana has been increasingly bred to produce more buds, you may find this type of marijuana in your home. It is probably much more potent than the average street-grade weed.

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Plastic Bag Full of Marijuana

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How do you do that? The best advice available is the simplest—ask your child.

Marijuana Bud

If you look closely at a marijuana bud, you will see the fine "hairs" and leaves that make up the bud after it is dried.

If you see this many marijuana plants growing indoors, you have stumbled upon a major indoor marijuana grow operation. Leave the scene immediately and call 9-1-1 if it is not a legal operation.

Pictures of weed plants growing

I used grow stones for medium (liked, and will use again).

I used GH trio fertilizer along with Liquid Karma and Hydroguard as supplements. Not sure if Hydroguard would have been necessary since my water was chilled.

Love your website and thanks so much for your help.

I had my Huckleberry plant out on the deck during plant maintenance and this bumble bee decided to stop for a drink. It turned out to be a long drink. It couldn't fly for an hour.

Thanks for the info on foxtailing. Pic is a Russian Fuel about 20 days from harvest, she grew foxtails on top of fox tails. This was a window grow while I was waiting for the greenhouse season this spring. Never grew one like this.

This sole surviving [ Heavy Weight ] Massive Midget (AUTO FLOWER) ended up yielding OVER A POUND of dry bud! (about 19 ozs.)

Strain: White Widow – my first was AK-47 (I admit my true love), currently have Blueberry Auto flower in the tent and not to thrilled with the auto..but will see the ladies through. Simple 3×3 tent, separate area for veg staging.."perpetual harvest"…is that different than "addicted to growing"??

I used the mainline style grow for this plant with 8 main shoots. Each plant produced about 300g of dry herb. Not to mention the amazing hashes and concentrates that I was able to make from the trim.