Pineapple Haze Seeds

Pineapple Haze Seeds
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Pineapple Haze Info

PLANT TYPE30% Indica 70% Sativa
THCUp to 19%
CLIMATEIndoors and sunny climate
FLOWERS12 weeks
YIELDS19 oz per 3x3ft

Pineapple Haze Effects

Lack of appetite
Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Pineapple Punch automatic is regarded as a top quality autoflowering mix of a classic fruity pineapple strain along with a potent grapefruit variety. While the name implies, Pineapple Punch is a magnificently tropical and sweet combination of the exotic having a thick covering of resinous THC crystals. This excellent automatic produces vigorous growth for an autoflowering type. Pineapple Punch is surely an indica dominant plant in size with moderately broad fan leaves and also dense fat sticky buds. As you can guess the smoke is fruity and also sweet with hints of both grapefruit and also pineapple and the stone is a common Indica couch lock. It could be ready within 65 days from seed, however 70-80 days are advised to draw out the entire bouquet of flavors. Connoisseurs who delight in extra flavor in their autoflowering strains will definitely enjoy the exceptional flavor which Pineapple Punch provides.

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  1. Simillar to the original Pineapple Chunk, Its solitary, firm cola is flecked with gold and reddish brown hues, however the very obvious THC crystals are clearly the outcome of contemporary selection and breeding.

  2. Pineapple Chunk is indeed the result of crossing Barney’s Pineapple with Cheese/Skunk#1. Having combined the flavour and characteristics for these plants has produced a reliable and rigorous plant that’s hardy and resistant against disease and mold. It’s harvest time after slightly below 2 months of flowering, the flavors and aroma is sweet yet also earthy, unique, delectable. Not merely quite high in THC and CBD it is just a big yielder which will stick yourself to the couch like super glue.

  3. A taste coming from the tropics! An exclusively picked Real Mc Coy crossed back into a Skunk#1 father, to provide the opportunity for wider genetic diversity for people who love the Hawaiian. Somewhat more chunky and Skunky in comparison to the Real McCoy, having a distinctive pineapple smell and taste. Extraordinarily cerebral in essence. A fantastic strain to cross using the Real McCoy and/or some other extreme Sativa varieties.

  4. G13 Labs Pineapple Express Feminized Seeds are high-grade Seeds that were previously extremely difficult to obtain.

  5. The Holy Smoke Seed Company’s Pineapple Fuck is genuine Hawaiian Pineapple Skunk, leaning more in direction of the sativa part of the force at 75%.

  6. This cannabis strain, as the name suggests, is armed with big sticky buds and will rise up against its master. It breaks all the rules for it is an Insurrection! Not much is known about its parentage, but we can surmise in the meantime that this is a violent strain, that doesn’t like to obey rules.

  7. Outsider is able to endure cool temperatures. It’s really a strong, powerful plant that may be harvested early. The huge buds taste delicious. Recipient of the Highlife Cup.

  8. This tremendously potent OG Kush Hybrid supplies quite a tad of the most extremely desired smoke in California. Even seasoned users report a sense of aquiring a headband on among the effects from smoking this flower. 707 Headband is Sour Diesel by OG Kush, then backcrossed towards the OG Kush. This plant is tough for newbies but is incredibly rewarding as soon as you figure her out. An incredible medicinal strain, the 707 Headband can also be quite challenging to acquire a tolerance, despite having heavy use. The high and flavors surpass the standard, making this gem from Humbolt county essential for every garden.

  9. Crazy X Seeds ‘Mossy’s Jem’ is an automatic blooming 4th generation cross between Lowryder and Mazar.

  10. Malawi 99 f1 is seen as a powerful sativa strain based primarily on the mainly spicey psychoactive Afropips Malawi Gold. A clean vibrant high merged with the sharp energetic and devastatingly psychoactive, small statured Cinderella 99. It illustrates Malawi African hybrid vigour.

  11. The cannabis strain has plent of people buzzing from its incredible high and stellar reputation! A very sweet tasting strain with a more enjoyable high than many other outdoor strains. The plants reach 5-8 feet tall and can get quite wide if topped.

  12. Sensi Star was the all around winner from the Highlife Cup in addition to High Times Cup in 1999. Since 1997 these favorite Dutch Seeds are very famous for their remarkable caliber and also have been produced for botanical specimen preservation by way of the High Quality Seeds breeders.

  13. It’s actually a surprisingly easy plant to crop and will also be prepared to harvest after about 7-8 weeks of flowering. The mix with White Domina will make Flash more stable while, the Afghan phenotype, delivers robustness in its form (highly immune to pests) and psychoactive elements. Whenever you make use of auto-flowering plants you must know that they require a lot of light out of the first transplant (in excess of 18 hours are recommended) and the usage of a substrate that assists the roots development, to enhance the results. If your substrate is airy, as opposed to a very compact one, the plant will grow higher and quicker (hydroponic systems are classified as the optimum to achieve the ideal results in this range). The plant is conforms to all conditions and we advise the outdoor cultivation through the spring, summer time and the fall, even the summertime is when it attains its ideal results. The cross with White Domina brings you a extremely sweet flavor (in combustion) and psychoactive effects extremely high for an auto-flowering variety. Also the output is influenced by the White Domina presence: b/w 35-70 grams per plant. Without you will realize it, Flash can save you from the apathy, becoming your hero!

  14. ACESeeds’ delicious African hybrid combines the Bangi Congo, which is certainly a rare African landrace, the Congo #3, which is another electric Congolese, and a bit of Chitral Indica. A.C.E. Seeds have once again come up trumps with a great addition to any souvenir cannabis seed collection.