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pineapple sorbet seeds

Pineapple sorbet seeds

The cup winner strain Pineapple Sorbet is the perfect expression of an heirloom bringing back crossing with one of the last Aficionado success: Rose Especial !

Indoors, it will be enough to wait 9-10 weeks maximum to be able to harvest the Pineapple Sorbet, which is a short time to be rewarded for growing a sativa-dominant hybrid.

This crossover offers the perfect blend of Diesel-like flavors and very intense notes of overripe pineapple.

Pineapple sorbet seeds

Alchimia presents Pineapple Sorbet by Aficionado French Connection, a variety with previously unseen qualities, now available to discover in our regular cannabis seeds catalogue.

Pineapple Sorbet, a bushy, well-branched hybrid

The flowers quickly become very sticky during bloom, adopting the appearance of being covered with a thick layer of oil. They need to be handled delicately. This variety adapts well to different extraction methods and is a delight for fans of concentrates both for the quantity of resin produced and terpenic qualities.

Pineapple Sorbet – intense flavours

This hybrid offers a perfect encounter between petrol aromas like Diesel and very intense overripe pineapple notes, a flavour mixture accompanied by fine balanced aromas of guava, paint solvent and lavender flowers.