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pineapple spritzer seeds

Pineapple spritzer seeds

Pineapple Sabja Juice Recipe | Basil Seed Pineapple Juice with step by step pictures. Sabja Seeds or Basil seeds has a good cooling property and hence it is perfect for summer so I tend to add in almost all the juice and this Pineapple Sabja Juice is my favourite it is perfect for the summer.

How to prepare Pineapple Sabja Juice, Pictorial

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I have also tried few other juices with Sabja Seeds, will be posting in the next few days. Now lets see how to prepare Pineapple Sabja juice.

Pineapple spritzer seeds

Chia seeds are quite similar. They too become gelatinous and chewy when soaked in water, but that jelly layer isn’t as thick as with basil seeds. The nutritional value of these two types of seed are also different. Chia is known to be the more nutritious of the two.

You can make this vanilla pineapple chia fresca in one of three ways.

The difference between unsoaked basil and chia seeds. Basil seeds are black in color, while chia seeds are brown and mottled.

After a couple of weeks of misplaced January weather at the beginning of April, and a sprinkling of snow over the weekend, the weather warmed up today for the first sign of spring! And I responded in the best way I knew. By busting out one of my favorite warm weather drinks – this gorgeous Vanilla Pineapple Chia Fresca!

The lime zest, lime juice and agave syrup enhance the freshness and sweetness of the pineapple. The agave (or sugar) is completely optional, and the amount of it that you add will vary depending on how sweet your pineapple is. The natural vanilla bean extract serves as a natural sweetener for the pineapple juice as well, so make sure to taste your pineapple chia fresca before you add any sweetener like agave or sugar.

The difference between soaked chia and basil seeds

This pineapple chia fresca isn’t overly sweet, and it’s , fruity, refreshing and tart with a hint of floral flavor. They are perfect for spring/summer parties and picnics.

Pineapple spritzer seeds

Remove the peel of pineapple and make big cubes of it.

Add 1 tablespoon bulged sabja seeds in each glass .

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes

There are additional benefits of pineapple juice which include: sore throat relief, arthritis and injury pain management. But before buying store bought juice, think twice because they have loaded sugar, preservatives and artificial flavors in them. So, why to buy those drinks when you can prepare at home.

Drop in some ice-cubes and serve it immediately.


15 min Total Time