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pineapple twist seeds

The genus Ananas is in the family Bromeliaceae of which Bromeliads come. Bromeliads are monocots that usually have long slender and basally arranged leaves. They are known to have many specialized features such as water/nutrient storage structures between leaves that collect falling water and debris to aid plant growth. Many bromeliads are epiphytic and grow high above the ground attached to tree branches. This is not the case in Pineapples which are instead terrestrial, favoring the formation of strong roots that anchor themselves to the soil while collecting nutrients and water.

Propagation of pineapples can be done through three reliable methods, by seed, by top rooting and by vegetative “pups”. Propagation by seed and top rooting are the only options if you don’t already have a growing pineapple. Firstly you must obtain a pineapple, which are common almost year round in many U.S. grocery stores. It is best to choose pineapples that have healthy looking tops, especially if you choose to propagate by top cutting. Avoid pineapples with browned or yellow top leaves.

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To propagate by seeds you must cut your pineapple and examine the flesh for small reddish-brown seeds. The seeds are only found in the outer flesh of the pineapple in small compartments under the hardened “skin” of the fruit. I’ve found that some pineapples have very few seeds or even deformed seeds which is likely the product of industrial cultivation methods. If you can find some seeds, collect them and wash them. You can plant the seeds in potting soil or wrap them in a wet paper towel and place them in a plastic bag. Be sure to keep the soil or paper towel moist and in a warm place. Within a month they should sprout. Pineapple seedlings are delicate and require warm (70-80F) temperatures and high humidity.

Pineapple Feminized is the best tasting Kush out there. Kush is already famous for its sweet, fruity, and berry flavors. You’ll enjoy this Pineapple twist, so twist up a joint and find out for yourself just how delicious Pineapple Kush really is.

Pineapple Feminized Seeds are a must grow for any true cannabis connoisseur. She’s a fruity, sweet skunk, lemony, pineapple flavor masterpiece. A great choice for making extracts and shatter because of her outstanding terpene profile.


Pineapple Kush Feminized Seeds

Pineapple Funk Marihuana Seeds from the Holy Smoke Seedbank.

True Hawaiian pineapple skunk with huge foxtail buds that will amaze even the seasoned among you. Very large yields, as at week five, these ladies fill all available space and at week eight, just seem to go overboard. Leaning more towards the sativa side of the force, they just keep swelling like elephant trunks taking up water but in return they reward you with a huge harvest of overripe smelling pineapple buds the length of your arm! Inclined to induce the munchies and red eyes, this is old school pot with a twist.