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pink champagne seeds

Erupting in bold colors and flavors, Pink Champagne marijuana will put a bounce in your step as it soothes tension and pain. Resistant to most common diseases and pests, this indica-dominant hybrid strain is ideal for beginner gardeners.


With emerald green leaves and buds that show up in flashes of purple and pink, Pink Champagne marijuana is easily one of the most attractive strains on the market, only made further appealing by its mouthwateringly-sweet flavor/aroma profile and body-centric high that envelopes consumers in relaxation and happiness.

Pink Champagne marijuana can range in THC from 15% to 22% at its height, and the indica-dominant hybrid features an initial rush of euphoria that melts into tension-relieving relaxation from head to toe. Patients have discovered that Pink Champagne marijuana is ideal for coping with depression, anxiety, and symptoms of PTSD, as well as reducing muscle spasms and chronic pain like headaches, cramps, and joint pains.

Pink champagne seeds

Frosty, Amazing Terps. Unstable due to the cherry pie.

Skunk (verified owner) – 01/24/2021

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Production: Sweet Pink is a medium to medium tall plant that produces very well under optimal conditions. The Sweet Pink is considered a heavy producer.

Digital Dream (Blue Dream x (White Fire OG # 3 X Snowlotus)) 12 Regular Seeds

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Effect: The effect of the Sweet Pink is euphoric and narcotic. She tastes like grape Bubblicious bubblegum.

Andrew (verified owner) – 12/27/2019

Oil Can F1 (Goji Raz x F13 #5) 13 Regular Seeds

Really frosty and really Terpy. Always been a fan of DJ Short and his son carrying the torch nicely!

Strain: Sweet Pink.