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pink pez seeds

Pink Pez is definitely a more potent treat than the candies of the same name, providing a cerebral high that ends in deep relaxation for the body.


Invoking those familiar small pink candies, Pink Pez is a cannabis strain that comes from a cross between Pez and Sour Pink Grapefruit. An indica-dominant strain, Pink Pez is known for starting off with a strong cerebral high that fades down into the body, relieving stress with THC levels that can get as high as 23 percent (though have also been measured as low as 12%).

Pink Pez’s high starts off with a great deal of focus, increasing the rate at which thoughts are generated in the brain. Users may also experience flushed cheeks or feel more intense pressure at their temples. This strain can be a great choice for those looking to take on a long list of tasks, but it is definitely more recommended for experienced cannabis users (those who aren’t used to cannabis’s effects may find this strain a bit disorienting).

Pink pez seeds

This Indica dominant hybrid comes from the Pez (Afghani x Paki) and Sour Pink Grapefruit (Sour Diesel x Sweet Pink Graperuit) strains. The Pink Pez smells like a bag of fruity candy and a floral pine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t taste how it smells as it lacks the initial sweetness of fruit candies but has more of a floral/spicy taste. This strain hits hard and fast as you will have a rushing sensation to your head, which will help with any headache you might have. Then it slows down into a heavy head, heavy body sensation taking care of your pain while providing some appetite stimulation. So grab everything you might want to eat in the next couple of hours because you might not want to get up once you sit down. This strain is also good for sleep in higher doses.


Growing Pink Pez Marijuana is Moderate