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pk growing weed

Pk growing weed

I’m pretty sure every grower has asked themselves at least once if there’s a way to grow bigger buds on your cannabis plants, and it’s also one of the most common questions we receive at our GB The Green Brand stores. Today, we’re going to give an extensive answer to this burning question.

Grow Bigger Buds with Chemical Fertilizers

Start using from the third flowering week onwards.

Green Sensation by Plagron

Use 0.5-1ml per liter of water from the fourth flowering week until the second last week, before flushing your roots.

Pk growing weed

Phosphorus deficits are expressed by underdeveloped root systems, leading to stunted plants. The flowering phase of a cannabis plant is where lack of phosphorus really sticks out, though. To all probability, the plant won’t be able to flower at all. An early warning sign of phosphorus deficits is a purplish colour of the leaf veins.

Cannabis grown in soil can still benefit from added nutrients for health support. Liquid fertilizers used for hydroponic grows are not essential. Most soil types contain plenty of nitrogen to see your plant through.

Phosphorus (P)

Roughly speaking, NPK ratios of 3:1:1 are best for any cannabis strain throughout the growth stage. Once the plants start to flower, nitrogen percentages should be lowered as potassium and phosphorus levels increase. Early flowering calls for a 1:3:2 ratio; late flowering requires 0:3:3 instead.

Growing cannabis can be approached in various ways: in full soil, in pots, or using hydroponics. Growing with hydroponics means raising your plants not in soil, but in a basket or pot filled with a growing medium (like coco fibre, clay pellets, or rockwool, for example). Each growing method requires different nutrient regimes.

Hydroponics Fertilizers

Potassium is also crucial throughout the flowering phase, to control flower bud formation. Weed plants need it to keep cell pressure steady, protecting the plant from drought. This mineral is also important for the formation of a strong root system.

Pk growing weed

On the other hand, potassium allows your plants to grow their roots out during the growth period, as well as growing thicker stems and branches. During the flowering period it increases terpene and essential oil yield, which increases flavor intensity in your cannabis plants.

When should you start using PK nutrients?

If you want us to give you an exact week or day that you’ll need to start using PK nutrients, you’re out of luck. This strictly depends on the product used and the amount of PK in each product. Generally, we start using PK from the second flowering week onwards, as well as the rest of your necessary additives and stimulants. Although, if the PK product that you plan on using is highly concentrated, you should probably use it further on, towards the end of the flowering stage.

Types of PK nutrients:

These fattening products are perfect if you want to harvest delicious, thick, aromatic and resinous flowers from your cannabis plants.