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plants that grow well with cannabis

Plants that grow well with cannabis

Chamomile is another pleasant plant to grow because you can harvest it for tea. This plant also works as an excellent fungal infection preventative; simply spray (cooled) chamomile tea on young seedlings.

Interplant marigolds between cannabis, and sow the seeds between February and April.

Plant your sunflowers around the edge of the garden as a wind barrier, placing them 60cm apart. Outdoors, plant them in March, and they will flower 60-95 days after germination. When the heads flower, leave them be; they attract birds that will also pick off any larger insects.

What it does:

9. Borage

They can also protect your crop from insects. They attract beneficial bugs that prey on spider mites, and will also draw away aphids, slugs, snails, and whiteflies by taking their attention.

Surround your cannabis crop with chamomile as an insect border. Sow the seeds 6 weeks before the last frost date; you may want to start them off indoors.

What it does:

6. Marigold

Alfalfa is perfect for improving the soil and it improves drainage thanks to its deep roots. Some growers report that they don’t need to water their garden as much when they plant alfalfa nearby.

Cultivating marijuana is a specific game. As well as deterring pests, you may wish to use companion plants that alleviate the pungent smell, preventing nosey neighbors from knowing about your operation.

Plants that grow well with cannabis

At a Pot for Pot , we’re huge fans of planting your own seeds, whether it’s cannabis or anything else. Here are some suggestions for marijuana companion plants.

What Is Companion Planting?

Aesthetic value aside, lavender is highly useful for cannabis cultivation. Fleas, ticks, and mice are highly repulsed by the smell of lavender.

6. Sunflower

Using coriander as a companion plant for cannabis cultivation is a great way to deter pests and keep the plants safe from any unwanted visitors.

Plants that grow well with cannabis

Beans pull nitrogen from the air and make it available in the soil. Cannabis needs abundant nitrogen for optimum growth, so companion planting with beans is a natural way to feed your plants without adding expensive nutrients to get the heavy, dense buds you want.

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For those lucky enough to have snagged some seeds before lockdown, you have the amazing opportunity to plan and start your cannabis garden while you’re social distancing. For those that haven’t grown their own cannabis plants, it’s difficult to describe the pride that comes after growing, harvesting and smoking your first crop. But your garden doesn’t need to be just cannabis. With companion planting, you can bolster the growth of your marijuana while also deterring pests in a natural way.

These flowers provide an organic pesticide and keep pests such as nematodes from damaging root structures. Chrysanthemum flowers contain a chemical called pyrethrin, a natural ingredient found in many pest control products. Pyrethrin causes a disruption in the insect’s nervous system, making these colorful flowers as beneficial as they are attractive.

Beans: Natural Plant Food

Lemon balm is so fragrant that it can distract from the skunky smell of cannabis that might draw unwanted attention from nosy neighbors. This fragrant herb also repels mosquitos and gnats. Make sure to pick the lemon balm frequently, or it will quickly take over your garden. At least it will make an excellent addition to homemade soups or even cookies.

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Garlic is another organic pesticide, and you’ll be able to use it in your daily cooking. Because the plant is so fragrant, it provides a natural deterrent and keeps pests from damaging your cannabis plants.

Chamomile: Bolsters Essential Oil Production

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In addition to being beautiful and vibrant, these fibrous flowers provide a distraction for harmful pests. Because of their height, sunflowers can also hide your plants if you’re growing incognito. Their roots help with soil filtration, creating better aeration for surrounding plants and vegetables. Just make sure your cannabis plants get the light they need even with their lengthy companions.