Power Kush Cannabis: The Perfect Way to End The Summer

Power Kush Cannabis: The Perfect Way to End The Summer

As summer winds down, in the sleepy little central coast community that I’m proud to call home, beach parties with raging bonfires are a traditional way of closing out the season. At a recent gathering of the Tribes, down at Asilomar Beach, I twisted up a fat joint of some of my more chronic stash – left over from my 2012 harvest.

Lit, hit and passed around as we stoked the bonfire with old wooden pallets – soon to become a raging blaze. The Bud I twisted up offered superior genetics, was organically grown, patiently and painstakingly cured and coated in a sticky organic resin.

When first cracked open the deep skunky terpenes cut through the air, leading some to wonder if a skunk had wandered down to the beach and into our smoke circle. “Nope” I proudly explained. Pleased with myself that my hard work and dutiful cultivation efforts seemingly won approval. As appreciative smiles, mixed with the occasional choke and cough were backlit by the now raging bonfire. As I turned to throw some more wood on the fire… my buddy “T Rasta” spoke up.

“That’s some dope Kush, my brother – what type of genetics did you use?”

Always one willing to share, I explained, “Power Kush Bro… an Indica skunk hybrid, a popular genetic variant… That’s sold in a shitload of coffee shops in Amsterdam.”

Okay I thought… ‘That should shut him up’ – give him enough information and send him on his way. But I was wrong. Either not satisfied because my answer was too vague, or confused because we’re both stoned, he continued his questioning.

“Did you grow that indoors, in a hydroponics set up – or outside?”

After explaining that the “Kush” part of this strains namesake comes from the fact that these precious seeds derive their name from the region deep within the Himalayan Mountains, known as the Hindu Kush region. And that this region is home to some of the more inhospitable climates in the Middle East; the cold mountainous regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan – I then explained that these traits are perfect genetics for my outside grow.

As I fired up an intentionally long-winded dissertation on phenotypes, cannabinoids, F1 generation, F2 generation, P1 and all of the backcrossing I was doing through selective pollination, I could see the stoned, glazed look overtake my buddies now thoroughly stoned expression.

While the physical effects intermingled with his now elevated state of mind, I watched T Rasta drift off down the beach – mumbling incoherently about sand, underwear and the need to sleep. As the golden glaze of the fire slowly dimmed it was time to roll one more joint for the road… then a nice leisurely drive back down Highway 1 – to that secret spot I love to call home.