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Power Plant Seeds
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Power Plant Info

PLANT TYPE35% Indica 65% Sativa
THCUp to 20%
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS15 to 18 oz per 3x3ft

Power Plant Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Powerplant (mostly Sativa) was designed by Dutch Passion in 97′ from brand new South African genetics. This strain continues to be inbred only, in no way hybridized. Loaded in THC. It’s a strain having an enormous grow potential. Indoor in addition to in a greenhouse; the plants provide an enormous yield. Indoors flowering begins one week after flipping back the light period to 12 hours. Outdoors, flowering begins late, however the plants ripen very quickly. Powerful “up high”, rather soft smoke.

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  1. Power Malawi is a f1 hybrid sativa strain based on Afropips Malawi Gold crossed with the Durban Poison based strain, Pure Power Plant.

  2. By crossing an extensive auto-flowering Lowryder employing their vibrant and powerful Kush parent lines, The Barney’s farm seeds breeders possess after much breeding invented the cutting edge and dazzling auto-flowering Flower Power cannabis seed strain. Barney’s Farm Flower Power Autoflowering can be located in packs of 5 or ten Feminized and automatic Seeds.

  3. A mixture of a phenos of a power plant X Ch9 jack33. Sweet aroma related with a peppery high, quite powerful and penetrating, excellent uplifting high, mind bending, motivational high. Ideal for closet & also homebox garden. Limited series. Could very well be grown outdoor & in.

  4. An increasingly well-liked early and fast flowering variety for outdoor growing. All of our outdoor strains not just respond to a shorter light cycle, but in addition respond to less intensive light. This signifies that they can flower nicely within the shade and also under 24hr fluorescent lighting! In Holland they begin flowering from the mid of July to about the beginning of August. This batch is an enhancement from the previous batch. This Purple Power is equally as fast, but generates purple leaves, rather than purple flowers. She’s much more resinous having a stronger head high. It is a selection from the prior Purple Power.

  5. The Skunk strains symbolize everything which most cannabis growers consider when searching for a crop; vigorous, very easy to grow plants that flower swiftly and generate harvests of aromatic, resinous bud. Power Skunk increases the two attributes that every growers have an interest in, yield and potency, as well as acquiring a decrease in the growing-odor usually affiliated with Skunks. Combining a well-balanced combination of Skunk #1, Northern Lights, and Power Plant gives Power Skunk increased bulk from her round, tightly bundled calyxes and provides a thicker frosting of crystals. The reserved yet potent Sativa undertone from the original Skunk is preserved because of PP’s eclectic background and with NL for additional Afghani stability, Power Skunk delivers productive, sturdy, trouble-free females on every occasion.

  6. These strain are as intriguing just as much with regards to colours as for their fruity flavors. It is among the “purple family” of cannabis strains. In U.S.A. these plants are known as purple even though they’re lightly coloured i.e. light violet or light pink, in contrast to the Dutch ones that are occasionally almost black as a result regarding the influence of the local climate. This strain is rather comparable to Skunk #1 in genetics, characteristics, and growth patterns. It is fairly effortless to grow and finishes blooming within 9 weeks.

  7. Power Skunk serves as a super powerful Skunk variety that features a sharp and sweet lemon aftertaste. A great choice for outdoors and indoors. It is an outcome of hybridization two lines of Skunks that are powerful however with a fruity and sweet flavor. Potent, more durable effect.

  8. This plant is among the finest in the marijuana Top Ten. Its name is the end result of the strong smell which it produces throughout the flowering and afterwards the smoking! The quickest variety we’ve got, it’s got the mythical Kannabia’s quality to grow in merely 7 weeks with dense and magnificent buds and a big amount of trichomes. This plant will be the outcome of combining Super Skunk along with Afghan male who offers stability and rapidity indoors. It’s a short stem plant and outdoors it might grow just like a bush occupying a big squared metre area therefore we suggest holding out until around the middle or perhaps the conclusion of April before sowing it. The plant is rather productive outdoors and indoors. It preserves the Skunk flavour however with fruity nuances. Power Skunk will punch you and knock you down! It’s an extremely effective plant and pretty simple to cultivate also for inexperienced growers.

  9. This feminized Flower Power Plant by Kulu Seeds. There isn’t too much else known other than to the breeders themselves at this moment.

  10. In the late 80’s the widely recognized import purple strains were surprisingly favored to smoke but might not expand so adequately in the north European temperature. New Purple Power was created so the characteristics of the scrumptious purple strains might be cultivated effectively in cold as well as drenched climates. Its ancestors are actually a Thai/Columbian influenced haze as well as a very early Dutch Skunk. New Purple Power receives a special sweet-sour flavor as well as is mild in strength. The buzz is actually energetic. Buds are darker purple if completed in a chilly environment.

  11. Pure Power Plant is a plant created by commercial growers to be very productive with a short flowering and powerful.

  12. A big yielding and highly resinous plant produced from a combination involving Indica and also Sativa, the BC Hash Plant is among the swiftest growing plants with the greenhouse culture. A necessity for newbies or experts alike. Highly celebrated all through British Colombia in addition to the world simply because of its fast finishing times, ample resin production and pleasing narcotic high.

  13. Watermelon tree hash plant, a Nepali Highland Himalayan Mountain sativa landrace individually collected at 2000 meters within the Mileche section of the Annapurna National Forest. 18 individuals were open pollinated to develop this seed stock. An extremely large plant consisting of a great deal of foxtails creating spear shaped oily buds that odor of tea rose, melons and Himalayan flowers. The advantage of Nepalis are their extreme hardiness and strength, in conjunction with diverse fruit and floral terpene signatures, in addition to a happy, elation joyful in the head accompanied by a light warm ecstatic body high.

  14. Very nice leaf & pistils formation is displayed on this plant and produces a sweet, succulent smell and a cerebral high. Perfect for closet & also homebox garden. Could very well be grown either indoors or out.

  15. The very first strain which has been particularly modified to become developed beneath synthetic light, a cross involving a high-yielding Afghani Indica plus a Thai Sativa, was made during the 70’s in Seattle, Washington. This brand new strain was created and founded over years, offering rise to the 1st breed of marijuana made to offer the largest possible yield. It was referred to as Northern Lights (aurora borealis), a strain that has had a remarkable worldwide influence, crossed proficiently by thousands and thousands of gardeners around the globe. The reason why Greater yield quicker when compared with every other seeds typically available. Higher yield, lower height, powerful and just a few leaves to clean up – that’s the reason this variety is a great demonstration of quality and quantity. Pine wood smell together with hints of black pepper and lemon, strong body and mind high, this extraordinary strain will be the foundation from the skunk and haze crosses in beautiful Europe, and it is one of the parents received from Jack Herer, the greatest-known variety throughout history. It grows with very few side branches, broad leaves along with a dark green color, and the majority of the output within the primary stalk; It possesses a standard Indica look sparse, thick, extremely dark leaves plus thick stems. Combo body-head high accompanied by a pleasantly sedating psychoactive impact

  16. The Hash plant Haze can be described as a fantastic yielding strain which provides massive volumes of reddish hash. The uplifting high is enjoyable during the day. It’s always best to flower her starting from clone and to super crop her frequently to regulate the size. She grows well using the Sea-of-Green technique and isn’t sensitive to nutrients. This sativa dominant strain produce buds late during the flower cycle. The flavor represents fruity, haziness, hashy along with an earthy, hazy aroma.

  17. A mix of our most impressive sativa, High Level, and TNT Kush. The mixture of the pair has generated a plant with buds which are long and rock solid. The plants are robust, rapid growing and relatively large. Outdoors becomes a super plant, very productive, robust, with huge packed resin buds. In certain specimens the pistils turn pink prior to maturity. You should prune the tips to acquire several branches and increase its production. Acid flavor fresh eucalyptus and loquat. Its effect is quite powerful, cerebral and a little laid back. fresh eucalyptus and loquat. Its effect is quite powerful, cerebral and a little laid back.

  18. A powerful and simple to grow plant. Extremely excellent yields….

  19. Vulkania Seeds Hash Plant is an incredible variety. Hash Plant is a great strain for the medicinal cannabis seed collector.