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prayer pupil seeds

Prayer pupil seeds

Prayer Pupil is a feminized F1 hybrid of Star Pupil and Bodhi Seeds’ Prayer Tower Sativa, Lemon Thai pheno. Star Pupil lends her strong vertical branching and purple coloration, while modifying the smell a bit. She takes most of her aroma from the Prayer Tower, smelling like a clean soap with some OG type funk. Plants grow tall unless topped, which they then form into a very bushy plant. Colas are nice and thick, frosty, and dense. Yields well and puts on color in the last few weeks. A nice, potent, easy to grow hybrid with unique qualities and a good vibration.

Prayer pupil seeds

Thick dense large colas very frosty will look done early keep going the full time you will get massive colas piney musky funk it would get a five but that’s reserved for perfection but a good 4.3

Tested at 32.9% THCa! Click here for complete lab results including cannabinoid and terpene profiles:

John Lance (verified owner) – 09/07/2021

Ingredients: hemp seed

Prayer Pupil (Star Pupil x Prayer Tower) 13 Regular Seeds

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