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pulsar seeds

Species: capsicum baccatum (berry pepper).
Taste: 30,000-50,000 on the Scoville scale (Scoville). Medium sharp.

How to Grow

Select a 3 or 4 inch pot and fill it all the way with your pre-moistened potting mix. Separate out your seedlings, always pulling them apart from the roots so you do not break the stems. On a pepper plant, anything below the two initial seed leaves will root. So, like tomato seedlings, bury them “up to the ears”, right up to their lowest set of leaves each in their own pot. If you have lots and want to ensure you get at least one in each pot, you can put two and then thin to the strongest in a week or so. Transplanting like this is important as just the seed root system of a pepper is quite weak.

Your peppers should be happy in their 3-4” pot until it is time to plant them out, peppers do not get large root systems. Let them dry slightly between watering and provide lots of light. It is a good idea to increase the strength of your fertilizer as the plants grow and you get closer to planting them out as they will use up most of the nutrients in their pots.

Pulsar seeds

Pulsar by Buddha Seeds is a strain with marked Sativa characteristics. You’ll be rewarded with extremely productive strains, especially considering how Sativa it is, with a lovely Haze flavor and uncontrollable laughter.

How to grow Pulsar marijuana seeds

If you grow it outdoors, it should be ready towards the end of October or beginning of November. It has a stable structure full of branches, allowing for an explosive flowering period with a notable improvement when it comes with fungi and mildew resistance, as well as the quality and final yield. You can get up to 600g per properly-grown plant. Use Final Flush to remove excess salts before harvest.

Learn to grow Pulsar outdoor

You’ll need to top this plant indoors in order to keep the height under control, as it tends to take up every last inch of space that it can. If you grow it in a grow tent, then a SCRoG system is the way to go. It takes a while to flower – up to 75 days, but it’s worth the wait as you can get up to 700g per square meter with 9 plants.