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punchsicle seeds

 Feminised cannabis seeds have been one of the most important contributions to the cannabis growing movement in the last generation. Dutch Passion seeds, one of our favourite seed banks were the first ones who, against all odds, created cannabis seeds that gave rise to 95%+ female plants. Now almost every seed bank produces feminised seeds with up to 99% femininity. Today feminised seeds are the most popular and convenient collectors choice. We have a huge selection of the most well known, in demand, classic favourites, currently trending and rare feminised strains here at The Juicy Joint.. there is most definitely something we stiock here for every taste!

In accordance with UK law, The Juicy Joint sells genuine cannabis seeds from an international set of elite breeders for collection or souvenir purposes only. Within this country, it is legal to sell & own dormant cannabis seeds but not to cultivate, germinate, grow or otherwise use these items. If you don’t live in the UK, you must abide by the laws that apply to your country. It is your responsibility to research those laws before you place an order for cannabis seeds from our website. The Juicy Joint is not responsible or liable for any illegal activities or other damages that may arise from your possession or use of the products sold on this site including but not restricted to criminal prosecution or property seizure.

We took 22 Purple Punchsicle seeds and tested multiple phenos over the course of a year and a half until we were finally able to select a winner that has consistently tested between 24-28% total THC. While the original Purple Punch excelled in aesthetics and aroma, it lacked the potency that heavy cannasseurs crave. Through our prolonged selection process we’re able to ensure that our Purple Punchsicle maintained the original attributes of it’s beautiful mother while also being able to deliver a knock-out punch.

With it’s analgesic benefits the high will leave you heavily relaxed and elated. We recommend this strain as a night time smoke but can be used during the day with caution.

Purple Punch 2.0 aka Purple Punchsicle is a beautiful union between the orignal Purple Punch (Graddaddy Purple x Larry OG) by Supernova Gardens and Symbiotic Genetics’ Purple Punch F2 Male. Commonly referred to as the dessert strain, the moment a package of Purple Punchsicle is unfastened, the aroma of sweet creamy grapes and nuttiness immediately fill the air. It’s breathtaking buds are dark purple with neon green leaves and laden with heavy layers of trichomes, almost as if the buds were literally dipped in sugar. The taste is exactly as it smells with powerful blasts of mouthwatering grape candy, each puff is guaranteed to leave you craving for more.

Genetics: Purple Punch x Purple Punch F2
80% Indica / 20% Sativa
27.26% THC / 0.3% CBD / 28.25% Total Cannabinoids