Pure Indica Seeds

Pure Indica Seeds
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Pure Indica Info

PLANT TYPE100% Indica
THCUp to 14%
CLIMATEIndoor and cool climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS6 oz per 3x3ft

Pure Indica Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

As far as marijuana strains go, pure Indicas are quite rare, yet this strain remains a favorite for many. Those who try it experience a sense of floating, while their body remains glued to the couch in a delightfully enjoyable way.

As its name implies, this strain is 100% Indica. It’s a small plant that packs a powerful punch. Many enjoy its therapeutic qualities; some even rely on it.

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  1. Star Berry Indica – My lemony BBI and Sensi Star. Here’s yet another one which will provide keeper’s for those that search for them. My Sensi Star is really a quality girl, stinks from a “Lemon Metallic” scent. Incredibly pungent, which carries over in to the taste in addition. This plant too, doesn’t stretch a lot in 12/12, around 75% within the 1st 14 days of blossom and may be taken at 2 months, however I prefer her at 9. Flower’s via the SBI are highly dense and coated in frost. My most beloved pheno will be the one which resembles the mother, but provides the color by the the Dad, the flavour is regarded as a unique combination of each parent, a lemon Berry smell. SBI is a solid yielder of Top Shelf ganja. Quite simple to grow in virtually any design. Indica fans will adore her. Expect complete Purple pheno’s and green pheno’s. An incredibly Steady strain, that would be ideal for first time and experienced grower’s as well.

  2. CASH CROP! This speedy flowering plant with lustrous buds is white covered, high yielding and an incredibly powerful hit. A commercial booming monster! It’s got big leaves, rendering it very easy to clean and cute. Glorious for hash making.

  3. We consider Ortega Indica a medicinal cannabis strain. Ortega Indica is the hybrid of Northern Lights #1 and an additional strong Indica, both going back to the late seventies. Extremely penetrating aroma/odor: spicy, earthy, and tobacco. Our seven-person test team revealed that Ortega Indica is a fantastic strain to smoke before heading to bed, an attribute associated with all Indica strains, but more intense in Ortega Indica. It runs as a reliable sleeping pill and tranquilizer. Ortega Indica is special because it’s “”stone/high”” doesn’t have a cloudy “”morning after effect””. This basically means, the morning after smoking Ortega Indica, virtually no cannabis effects are experienced any longer. Smoke Ortega Indica and get out of bed having a clear mind. This is rarely the adventure after taking sleeping pills or even tranquilizers.

  4. This will quite possibly develop into the single most hardcore Indica ever created – She is female seeds newest addition to their quick growing X-line collection. Completely coated with trichocomes with the nepal black type hash scent and a strong stem.

  5. Introducing Azken Indica Seeds from the Genehtik Seed Bank. Likewise known as L.U.I, Azken Indica marijuana seeds resulted from a selection of Ortega, which is essentially a Californian Indica backcrossed with Sweet Tooth. Stemming from predominantly Indica strains Azken Indica souvenir Seeds hold the genetic composition of it’s respective parents, and now through years of refinement by Genehtik are now available for souvenir seed collectors everywhere.

  6. Indica. For all those individuals whom appreciate a bell ringer, this particular strain is for you. Small, extremely bushy, having dark green buds. Well suited for a sea of green set-up. Beware! You are going to go to bed early using this one.

  7. Aurora Indica is surely an f1 hybrid of Northern Lights and Afghan. Aurora Indica remains short and delivers heavy colas. This plant possesses outstanding resin production and also the buds are dense. Aurora creates a deep, close to blackish hash, fragrance and an intense indica buzz. This strain is most likely our strongest indica.

  8. The name ‘Mangolian Indica’ describes the citrus-mango flavour of this bud. Her wide gene pool has made her well adapted for outdoor growing in temperate climates and she has been grown outdoors with great success in Holland. The Mangolian stone is long lasting and lethargic. Ideal for lazy sunny afternoons.

  9. Indica plant structure, flowering and fast growth. It’s easy to grow and involves no additional care. This plant is quite grateful since it’s very successful, and the buds are dense in an astounding manner, which slow downs drying for as few days. An additional feature is that cool transform it into a purple hue, not just the leaves but additionally the flower and the plant gets a stunning look. As an outcome of its high content in CBD, it possesses a great narcotic effect and muscle tissue relaxant, an attribute which makes it fantastic for some medicinal applications. Its flavor tells us that comes from White family, however it hides a sweet tone which provides a unique touch.

  10. TGA Subcool Qleaner Seeds are a mostly sativa, 3-way cross of Jacks Cleaner f1, Purple Urkle & Space Queen.

  11. The Mind bender plant can be grown indoors and outdoors. The mom & also the dad are a dual KC 2 with a KC 33 as well as an Afghani like. This plant that might turn red, possesses sweet buds plus a great aroma.

  12. Expect massive crystal production from this zesty strain by Trichome Jungle Seeds. Mantis is the daughter of Nap, a hindu kush indica which passes over it’s crystal growth. The flavor of Mantis is inherited from the Santa Maria and haze, which give it a lemony dankness. The Mantis is not for the faint hearted and provides a super strong stone.

  13. Spoetnik # 1 is an extremely versatile plant with superb resistance to a wide variety of horticultural problems. She possesses compact rock hard buds, and furnishes an abnormally cerebral stone for a pure Indica an meditative, uplifting awareness. This variety is a fantastic spectacle. Her sluggish start may cause growers concerns. Quickly, out of nowhere, she bursts forth about day 38 or 40 of the flowering cycle. Spoetnik # 1 may seem like she is rekindling her engines, cumulating everything she actually is fed for the countdown in the concluding 2 weeks of flowering, when she ruptures with fantastic power. By harvest, the plants appear oily, due to their hefty coating of glands. Her colas accumulate into rockets: extensive and cylindrical. She tastes like darker Corinthian grapes merged with a mineral, astringent touch on the exhale. The outcomes of this pure Indica strain are amazingly uplifting, with no physical crash at the end. The high is experienced mainly topside of the head and additionally in the face.