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purp5 seeds

I just got some jinx seeds of 9lb hammer (regular seeds) I specifically got them to produce male plants so I can do an open pollination of some other strains I want to make seeds out of: purple punch, cheese, peyote critical, super skunk. Plus create more 9lb hammer seeds. The dispensary where I got the seeds and purple punch clones had some buds on hand that they had done of a cross between purple punch and 9lb hammer. It smelled AMAZING! If I had the money after buying the seeds and clones I would have bought some of it right there. But the seeds and clone took up all my money.

The Mantis

GDP is pretty good but there are a few better producing, stronger plants around here in OK imo. Try some Purp5, Newberry, or Monkey Balls for some dark purple strains that taste great, get purple, and are more potent than GDP. Ok Clone Co has them all.

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My plan is to separate out a clone of each strain to grow for actual smoke, and then use the rest for creating seed stock. Purple punch is the closest I can get here in oklahoma to grand daddy purple.

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We found no dormancy in five lots of E. purpurea seeds from commercially cultivated sources (Qu et al., 2004). This suggested that repeated cycles of regeneration may have reduced or even eliminated seed dormancy in E. purpurea, as has been the case during the course of domestication of many other plant species (Copeland and McDonald, 1995; Harlan et al., 1973). However, because the seeds in that experiment (Qu et al., 2004) were stored dry under various temperature and humidity conditions for more than one year before testing, clear conclusions could not be drawn on the cause of this lack of dormancy. In a recent evaluation of untreated E. purpurea seeds harvested from commercially cultivated plants only a few months before testing, Qu et al. (unpublished data) also found no dormancy requirement.

Our results provide useful information for E. purpurea growers who wish to select populations for reduced seed dormancy. Since Echinacea seed production has not been standardized as it has for many other more established crops, we suggest germination tests to evaluate E. purpurea seed dormancy before sowing, even when seed source information has been provided.

Materials and Methods

In nature, Echinacea seeds fall to the ground in the autumn and overwinter in the soil. Before seeds germinate the following season, they may receive a moist chilling treatment, giving dormant and non-dormant seeds similar growth opportunities. But when seeds are harvested in the fall and stored in a dry state until sowing, nondormant seeds would germinate to a greater extent, and dormant seeds put at a selective disadvantage, since they would germinate more slowly if at all (Wartidiningsih et al., 1994).

Table 1

Seed germination results of Echinacea purpurea from different seed lots.