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purple domina seeds

Purple domina seeds

Yield: 500 g/m² • 700 g/plant
Genetics: 70% Indica, 30% Sativa
Flowering time: 55-60 days
Outdoor harvest: begin of october
suitable for indoors and outdoors
Height: 80-120 cm • 130 -160 cm
THC: 22.8%
Aromas/ flavors: Sweet spices, earth

Purple Domina: easy to grow, violette beauty flowers with great and heavy effects.

Basic / Breeders Info

Purple Domina is a mostly indica variety from Anesia Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±58 days ) and outdoors . Anesia Seeds’ Purple Domina is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

She offers a intense tasty, earthy aroma and a very high THC content of 22,8%. The buds are covered in resin and extremely dense. Purple Domina makes happy, will help you feel relaxed at the end of the day and produces very strong body effects. This is the perfect strain for anyone looking for deep relaxation.

Anesia Seeds’ Purple Domina Description

Medical Use
Purple Domina has a very high medical potential and is therefore often used for the treatment of pain and insomnia.

Purple Domina Auto is a rapidly growing automatic Indica dominant strain. It possesses the genes of Purple Kush and Black Domina. It takes only 9 weeks from germination to harvest. It produces really high yields: 500g per m2 indoors, and 180g per plant outdoors. The plant grows vigorously with a sturdy main head, and many side branches, in the typical shape of a self-feminizing Indica. Purple Domina Auto is a deep dark coloured plant that stands out in a magnificent dark violet colour at the end of the flowering period.

Purple Domina Auto features a rich fruity aroma with strong earthy notes. The effects are long lasting, with a powerful full body effect and a stimulating and lucid mental high, which is perfect for when you listen to your favorite music.

Purple Domina Auto Feminized by Anesia Seeds

Its tough nature means that even novice growers can achieve results that would please.

The buds are dense, hard and covered with a thick layer of resin. THC levels have been measured giving extreme results of between 18 % and 22%.

Purple domina seeds

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Purple Domina Auto only needs 9 weeks from germiniation to harvest.

THC levels have been measured to be extremely high at 18 to 22%


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Purple Domina Auto is a very dark plant which shines towards the end of the flowering period in magnificent dark purple tones.

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