Purple Kush Seeds

Purple Kush Seeds
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Purple Kush Info

PLANT TYPE100% Indica
THCUp to 22%
CLIMATEIndoor and cool climate
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS5 to 9 oz per 3x3ft

Purple Kush Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Royal Purple Kush Seeds by Emerald Triangle Marijuana Seedbank, this bank flipped to old skool and back in history to supply and restore some critically serious genes. Taking plants that hark during 70’s Emerald Triangle took brand-new genetic material and combined them up to generate strains that is likely to make you awe struck.

These high grade Seeds, fresh from Humboldt County, furthermore available as female seeds, these standard seeds are currently rising in appeal amongst enthusiasts, this guarantees Emerald Triangle Seeds are generally in huge demand.

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  1. The Purple Buddha is yet another grand-slamming BC Bud Depot hybrid, a strain aimed towards combining the most desirable of both mother and father, 2007 & 2009, Cannabis Cup prize-winning, The Purps alongside the perennial cup rivalling tastes from the Blue Buddha. Phenotypes vary from green with blue tinges towards the gnarly and purple and she’s a superb yielder. A quicker finisher as opposed to Purps, the Purple Buddha mixes the grape flavors of The Purps alongside creamy blueberry flavors of the Blue Buddha.

  2. (Blueberry Indica x Purple Berry) An extraordinarily stable strain, The flowers turn a dark purple/violet hue, beginning about 30 days in flower, even the foliage throughout the flowers turn dark purple hue. Quick to flower at 7-8 weeks, and also has a sweet blueberry odor which will come through in smell and taste. Compressed, rock solid flowers. Quite unproblematic to grow. Good yield as a result of the density from the flowers. Among the most beautiful plants that i’ve ever seen. Bound to locate a keeper in each pack.

  3. Lady Purple is another set of great feminized Seeds from De Sjamaan seeds. Lady Purple is the result of an innovative cross between a multitude of infamous strains; namely Afghani/ Hindu Kush, and Purple Kush x U.S. This resulting cross harnesses only the finest genetics from each of it’s respective strains, these feminized marijuana seeds are certain to prove popular amongst souvenir seed collectors.

  4. This highly regarded purple strain can be grown successfully outdoors in wet, cold climates. An original plant with sweet taste, purple buds and a genuine Sativa high.

  5. This variety is an authentic beauty, potent as an Indica plant might be with firm full buds. She genuinely looks as “sugar frosted” as the Alpine mountaintops exactly where she originated. Like various Afghan-influenced strains, Sugar Babe adapts well to many outdoor areas, completing by October in Northern Europe. The greatest outdoor yields, however, are seen closer to the equator, between 40o and 15o Southern and Northern latitudes. Sugar Babe also succeeds well outdoors in Mediterranean climates like Australia and California. When developed inside, Sugar Babe ripens spanning a flowering cycle of 9-10 weeks, producing approximately 400 grams per square meter. The smoke is quite unique and fresh, a dab lemon like having a clean metal flavor to it. Although Indica overrules her genes, this variety’s stone is uplifting and energetic. It promotes activities, and is specifically terrific for any recreations in the terrific outdoors.

  6. The Purple Kush is the clone which has seized BC (British Colombia) and generates very good plants which are hefty with resin with an acrid hash-like flavor. The Reeferman team located the Purple Kush to become somewhat with a lack of vigour with lesser yields than may be expected. They consequently chose their Early Island Indica father to pollinate the Purple Kush. The Early Island Indica is really a rough inbred strain however in F-1 crosses it absolutely was notices to impart serious resin production as well as earlier finishing times. Offspring strains are usually noticeably more mold resistant when growing outdoors.

  7. Urkle Back-CrossThis variety was created to lock down more of the Urkle dominant traits and bring out more of the musty grape flavour that Urkle is famous for. The strain produces a wide range of female plants and not all of them will show colors at all. The ones that do however are highly sought after and a number of people consider there Purple Grape females among there best Indicas strains. Not a huge producer or a quick growing plant it makes up for it in taste and high quality.

  8. This shining Lady will be the most recent refinement from the “White” lines of cannabis. A chunky, all-female strain which is excellent for beginners or even more skilled growers. Cross-breeding White Widow using our Skunk/Northern Lights hybrid ends up with the White Lady – a dominant Indica strain having a diverse Sativa background.Dame Blanche is a huge, tough production plant with powerful branching. Seedlings may be put into when quite little, with just a few pairs of leaves and can generally finish close to 1m in height. Budding is rapid in the first 1/2 of flowering and furious during the latter, when her silky flowery clusters capped with lengthy pistils quickly boost their mass and join together towards the top of stem and branches to make stupendous glimmering colas that could satisfy pretty much every ganja lover.

  9. When I came out west I started on a search for the best Trainwreck cutting I could find. I was not taken with the Arcata cutting as it was to tall to slow and to bi-sexual for my taste. I had written off this legendary variety until I came across an amazing plant discovered by Smokescreen. Found inside a bag of Dank of the few seeds found one female exhibited all the characteristics of the famous wreck without making a single male stamen even late into budding. The complex late coloring is a thing of beauty and the strength of this mother is epic. Extremly potent smoking just a few bowls is an adventure in repertory failure and flat lining your brain waves. We decided to join together this incredible female with the genetics of Jack the Ripper.

  10. Nightmare Kush is an S2 of Krome’s sought after and aptly named ‘The White’ clone. This cutting is renowned for it’s prolific THC development, hence it’s name. Some S1 seeds from Krome’s clone were grown out and a superstar was found!! It’s tastier, better smelling, and has bigger yields than the original cutting. Nightmare Kush gives off a unmistakable hashy/ fruity smell which also translates into the taste with hints of classic Kush spices. Although dubbed ‘Nightmare’ Kush, let us assure you this is the stuff of dreams!

    The effects: Starting with a strong numbness at the top of the head followed by a slight sweat on nose. The effects then migrate throughout the entire body, overwhelming sense relaxation is the end result. Nightmare Kush is best smoked at night or you will be needing power naps all day long! Relaxation and pain relief are its main medicinal qualities. It will leave you totally zonked out left to bloom for 70 days.

  11. aka KGB x Burmese. 80% sativa with loads of flavor and exceptional potency!