Pyramid Seeds Review

Pyramid Seeds Review

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The aim of PYRAMID SEEDS is to distribute feminized cannabis seeds of easy cultivation and good production with the best price to professional and enthusiastic growers as well as dealers in this sector. We offer the opportunity of working with new exquisite fragrances and notable power varieties selected by its flavor, production and quality.

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  1. To honor our 5th anniversary, we have recreated our unique, high-class indica-sativa hybrid Yamuna belonging to the Limited Collectors Ganesh Edition, which had been supplied within our 1st year, and crossed it along with our greatest Afghan parent through seed stock gathered in the 80’s. The outcome is an exceptional stout plant dripping with resin which grows such as an indica and feels just like a sativa. Ganesh is a remarkable option for closet cultivation or perhaps a homebox stemming from it’s modest size and the even growth pattern. Plants vegged for 21 days in soil achieve a height of approximately 60cm when fully developed. To reap a field of baseball bat type colas in normal sized grow areas we recommend vegging 4-5 weeks for natural and organic (soil) cultivation. Ganesh grows flawlessly with little if any feeding inside quality soil. Our very own original blend of land race genetics inserts plenty of vigour directly into this strain as well as the thicker shoots from feminine plants offer quality cuttings over a prolonged period. Because of the intense Ganeshdensity from the buds approximately 20-25% of the plants demonstrate some mold vulnerability in the top 3rd section of the head bud in the course of the last week of flowering. Therefore, this strain is best cultivated in areas with humidity control. It’s adviseable to water sparsely in the final week of flowering. Hold out right until the plants have somewhat droopy leaves and provide them only enough for their everyday requirement. An everyday examination of the head buds within the course of this period enables you to identify mold early on just before it may cause any damage.