Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS) Review

Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS) Review

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Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a leading provider of cannabis strains in Canada and in the world. We are the ideal online market for high quality marijuana seeds in different varieties: regular, auto-flowering, feminized and CBD marijuana seeds. So whether it is some massive yielders you’re looking for, or very interesting phenotypes, we’ve got you covered! Looking for seeds that will survive North America’s harsh climate? You came to the right place.

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  1. Temple Haze Seeds Feminized. The psychedelic Sativa strength of Original Haze collides along with a fresh and vigorous Nepalese hash plant from Temple Haze. A marijuana hybrid with roots extending all through South East Asia, South America and the Himalayas. The bushy, resinous hash-maker’s cultivar provides denseness to the open Haze flowers by preserving their desired running habit and bolstering the size of every calyx. Temple Haze gives huge, spruce-shaped plants with candelabra limbs of dense bud and ample main colas. The sharp haze scent mixes together using the sweet pungent odor from charas. Temple Haze’s high is happy, dreamy and contemplative having a smooth, enduring body buzz.

  2. TGA Subcool Dairy Queen Seeds are a mostly sativa three way cross of UK Cheese X Romulan X Cindy 99.

  3. Great for medical and health applications. A marriage of older and new school genetics. Mostly Sativa with lengthy, compacted and crystal covered buds. Higher yielding and incredibly potent. The high is both equally physical and cerebral in nature having a pungent aroma and flavor ideal for medical applications.