Querkle Cannabis Seeds: A Genetic Review

Querkle Cannabis Seeds: A Genetic Review

The odd and unusual name of “Querkle” is a shrewd and crafty twist on this Indica-dominant strain’s chronic lineage. The mother – a short and stout Purple Urkle – that is a sticky, dense, descendent of a memorable Pacific Northwest variety, which gained notoriety for her diminutive size, while producing fat purple nugs of doom. Querkle specializes in the somewhat perturbing habit of starting off slow, only to awaken from her vegetative slumber…later exploding into her flowering cycle. Like a purple Phoenix ascending to the skies as a flaming lavender goddess, stinking of grapes, and dripping in resin: Querkle reigns supreme amongst cannabis fans worldwide.

Querkle gets her “Q” from her cross dressing dad – the male genetics utilized in the seed production of “Space Queen.” Space Queen was one of Subcool’s breeding projects that combined the well-known BC strain, Romulan, and the famed Cindy99 first introduced by the Brothers Grimm. The breeding male of Space Queen nicknamed “Space Dude,” was necessary for adding increased growth and increased flower.

Querkle has a wide and leathery fan leaf combined with the typical short, thick Indica profile. It thrives indoors or outdoors in climates that have good weather until late October. These moderate feeding plants have almost no stretch, so they can be vegetated longer in order to gain size. Even though they stay compact, Querkle’s internode’s are tight. Breeders sub cool recommends topping them early, thereby encouraging side branch growth. Subcool also suggests the thinning out a fact lower fan leaves to allow light to reach the lower branches. Once topped, Querkle plants form large three headed bushes with bottom stems as big around as your thumb. When given sufficient vegetative time, toped, and grown in hydroponics, these plants consistently yielded a quarter pound per female.

The “Sea of Green” technique is highly recommended for this strain. Clones that are grown using a conventional technique and are budded at approximately 12 inches, produce approximately 3⁄4 of an ounce per branch. Left natural, un-topped and allowed to grow in a “Screen of Green” formation a skilled grower can realize a sizable increase in overall yield. From the greenest newbie, to the most skilled cultivator, growers agree that using Querkle seeds create a plant that is easy, satisfying, and fun to grow.

The trippy colors will have the visually stimulated tripping over there gardening tools, as Querkle morphs – transforming from green to dark purple, laced with resin encrusted orange pistils. The undersides of the families turn the rich reds of Burgundy wine midway through flowering. As they reach maturity, the leaves and stems become dark purple, and the entire plant takes on a purplish-silvery black shading. The flowers are dense and heavy with THC encrusted resin.

Querkle is generally considered a nighttime smoke – great for insomnia. Of course you may have to lock your refrigerator as this strain is known to encourage the onset of the much dreaded munchies. Also great for outdoor activities with friends and family. The elevated high is a creeper – coming on slowly and lasting for hours. The mind blowing flavors are worth making sure your bong or pipe has just been cleaned so that you can thoroughly enjoy Querkle mind blowing terpenes.