Quitting Synthetic Cannabis A Tough Task

Quitting Synthetic Cannabis A Tough Task

Various reports suggest that quitting synthetic cannabis is proving to be a tall order for those who are addicted to this legal drug. Some are experiencing extreme reactions, and these are being reported to prove extremely dangerous for their health. These synthetic cannabis effects are to be expected, but the extent to which these reactions are escalating is a warning to those who are on the verge of getting addicted to this drug.

The reactions that are endured by the addicts who are trying to quit the synthetic cannabis include seemingly incessant vomiting, loss of memory and constant mood swings. Francesca Bellingham, the Wairau Hospital Addiction Services Youth Addictions counselor, said that the number of people seeking help for quitting synthetic cannabis is increasing day by day. Most of the clients suffer a wide variety of problems, including vomiting, seizures, increasing heart rates, etc.

Quitting drugs always produces some reactions in addicts, and that is why it is necessary and safe to take the help of professional organizations that run de-addiction centers. Francesca Bellingham recounted the story of a teenager, who tried to quit synthetic cannabis. The boy, she said, has been smoking synthetic cannabis for around seven months, and was trying to quit when disaster struck. His health condition took a severe hit, with him vomiting non-stop for around 10 days and needing sleeping pills to get a good night’s sleep. She said that once the horror effects of the quitting were over, the kid just wanted the drug to be banned, so that no other person would have to suffer like he had.

One of the many bad effects of smoking synthetic cannabis is that, people tend to smoke it more since the high they get from it would last only for a short time. Since these were also legal and easily accessible, people who are addicted to these will have a hard time quitting it.

Bellingham was also furious at the way people are underrating the harmful effects of synthetic cannabis. “It’s really awful, awful stuff. People don’t understand what they’re smoking. Even intelligent, rational people see it’s legal, and think that if it’s legal, it must be OK”, she said, talking about the people’s perception of the drug.

The synthetic cannabis effects are far worse than that of natural marijuana. It is high time the authorities realize this, and ban synthetic cannabis.