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r.k.s. seeds

R.k.s. seeds

60-75 days Happy Mostly Sativa 450 – 600 grams per m2 Feminized Temperate

R.K.S. offers s strong smell similar to the skunk. If you like stinky and sticky green then this is the right choice for you. High calyx to leaf ratio and good yields makes the R.K.S. the perfect plant to grow indoors or out.

Afghani x Columbian x Thai

RKS is derived from old land-race cannabis strains that originated in Afghanistan, Colombia and Thailand. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid which has a terpene profile that will remind older growers and smokers of old-fashioned Skunk in terms of aroma.

If cultivated indoors it is essential that efficient carbon filters are used as this will otherwise be difficult to keep secret! The name stands for Road Kill Skunk after all said and done. In 8 – 9 weeks of flowering a yield of as much as 600 gr/m 2 is quite possible under 600 watt lighting. The buds are light green.

The effect is very uplifting and euphoric and will bring back a taste of the old days.

R.K.S. is one of the first marijuana strains to be launched in DNA Genetics’ new GYO collection. Available in packs of 6 feminised seeds, the GYO collection is designed to make the preservation of DNA’s elite genetics more accessible and affordable than ever before.

RKS is derived from a cross of Afghani, Colombian and Thai landrace strains to produce a sativa dominant variety of cannabis with an old school terpene profile. DNA’s test grows of this strain, conducted in their legal climate, showed strong plants with a high calyx to leaf ratio and larger than average yields. RKS has a very pungent aroma, reminiscent of classic Skunk strains: the use of carbon filtration was essential to control the odours. Uplifting effects are the order of the day with RKS – a long lasting, euphoric high with lovely old school flavours.