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raft seeds

Raft seeds

Raft is a survival game that requires food and water constantly. It’s a fun game that can be played with many friends or team members.

Build crop plots

Once your crop plots are ready, you need to get seeds to plant stuff.

Get seeds for planting

Here’s how you can grow plants and trees in Raft.

Raft seeds

Raft F1 is a hybrid of autumn cauliflower , with a maturity of 85 days


canning and industrialization.

Maturity Days: 80 | Pack of Seeds: 1000

from the time of planting the seedling.

Raft seeds

I remember running low on wood all the time in the early to mid game. The mark of when I'd have to leave an island, regardless of whether I'd collected everything, was when I'd run out of wood.

Honestly, my experience until the moment tells me it's not worth to plant big trees, I would rather use the wood for small crops and get lots of potatoes to survive, I recommend making lots of nets to catch wood. If you get enough nets you won't need to worry about wood shortage unless you spend lots of days exploring an island

As mentioned, nets for wood then you can live off potatoes and/or fish (and make soups and such). For me, trees are just for looks. Pineapple seems to be the perfect food because it replenishes water and food, but seeds are unreliable (as per the devs), so I don't bother.

Nope, eventually you will build up a pile from harvesting islands and your own. Then you won't have to worry about it. I usually plant palm trees and get plenty of seeds after a while.

I was running out of wood, got the tree plots and thought wonderful, I got wood for days. I got leaves for days. I got fruit for days. However I can chop down 6 trees and have a reasonable chance of getting 2 or fewer seeds, more than once I've got 0 seeds. Is there anything I can do about the stingy bastards?

My expansion plans are far more ambitious than nets allow. I thought I was going to make my raft the size I wanted, then found out I was about 500 wood and 200 or so plastic short. Need my trees that somehow don't instantly flip and sink my raft 😀

I just eat whatever i happen to have, seems to be mostly fruit, because fruit is everywhere and mangoes are pretty good for a single slot fix all, being roughly even with water/hunger gain. Each of my plots has produced way more wood than it takes to make it, only should take 2 palm trees, or maybe 3 mango trees grown to be a profit, and I need absurd amounts of wood, everything wants wood.

Ah, I remember when I was 20.

The small islands should have at least three or four trees each. Otherwise you just need to catch wood. Get a bunch of catch nets, make a some of fishing rods, catch and cook a bunch of fish, and then just coast along while doing something else, watching tv or reading a book or whatever, and just glance over now and then to keep yourself fed and watered. A sail will also help you move faster and thus get more junk.