Rare Dankness Review

Rare Dankness Review

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Rare Dankness was founded in 2010 after many years of growing, collecting, preserving, and experimenting with many varieties of Cannabis. Through our global network of friends, Rare Dankness has been able to work with some of the most sought after and highly coveted genetics. Our collection of genetics spans the last three decades and represents the finest specimens of Cannabis strains in the world. Our work is not meant to replicate the “mothers”, but to compliment the genetics by breeding with superior males. Rare Dankness’s goal is to provide the highest quality genetics to the Medical Marijuana community. We believe the road to legalization is through education.

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  1. Trying to find relief of pain? Couchlock? F**Ked Up? Hefty Sluggish Stone? Try out some Shiva, Quick compact and HEAVY!

  2. Beyond the Brain is the ultimate connoisseur high for the discerning breeder. In the event you have sampled your share of sativas and also looking for the purity that just outstanding genetics can offer then you will really note this strain. Let Beyond the Brain open up your gates of perception to new kingdoms of awareness!

  3. V2.0 is a cannabis seed range from a 2006 selection of the famous New York City Diesel. The genetics of this V2.0 are mainly sativa.