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red congolese seeds

Red congolese seeds

However, its potency entails an overwhelming psychedelic trip if one is not careful. Although veterans may enjoy the rather colorful ride and appreciate the brain-warping tendencies, beginners should tread lightly.

For the most part, Red Congolese’s effects are dreamy. However, in high doses, it can be quite overwhelming with users experiencing anxiety and paranoia. At times, it is also accompanied by a headache. For this reason, it is best to start with low doses and gradually build up without going beyond one’s limitations.


Its THC levels of up to 20%, along with its sweet and spicy aromatherapy, rejuvenate users with an uplifting head high that inspires one to stay upbeat, focused, and motivated. And, though subtle, it has a body high that traces its origins to the legendary Afghani Indica.

It brightens up the mood and clears the head of anxiety-inducing worries. For this reason, it is a great anti-depressant that manages disorders like depression or PTSD. Moreover, it replaces feelings of hopelessness with a newfound zeal for life. Without the distracting thoughts, the Sativa-dominant enhances focus that encourages one to tick off errands one after another.

Adverse Reactions

Outdoors, where the nutrient-rich heat of the sun hits its leaves is where this plant truly thrives. Growers living in the northern hemisphere should begin to see flowers from the last week of October to the middle of November depending on the weather. Usually, growers reap a delightful yield of 450 grams of buds per plant.

You don’t need to be a morning person for this strain! Red Congolese Auto-flowering marijuana seeds is perfect for anyone who needs an energizing effect when they wake up in the morning. The rush of Red Congolese Auto is like a burst of energy, creativity, and inspiration. You may find that you have limitless stamina to do anything with this speed-inducing high! This strain produces a thin, green leaf that can be used to make marijuana edibles. The leaves produce dense buds with dark-green or purple colored flowers and hidden crystals within. These plants are perfect for anyone looking to enjoy their own type of weed without having the plant die on them from neglect.

Red congolese seeds

There are some disputes over the exact nature of the Red Congolese cannabis strain. Some argue that it is a pure Africa Sativa landrace, while others believe that the Red Congolese found throughout North America is a Sativa-Dominant hybrid. In all likelihood, Red Congolese is a cross between Mexican and Afghani strains. However, its genetics are not entirely clear.

In any case, it is well-known that Red Congolese is a popular strain, fusing the effects and characteristics of various regions and strains. Red Congolese is now widely available throughout the United States and is well-known for its delicious flavor, alluring aroma, and favorable effects. Generally, users report euphoria, a strong body high, and increased mental focus that allows for ample productivity and creativity. Red Congolese has been known to help relax muscles and relieve pain. Thanks to its beneficial observances, Red Congolese is now common among both recreational and medical users, though it is especially popular among the latter group.

What is the Origin of the Red Congolese Strain?

This Session Garden strain guide article provides crowd sourced information about the Red Congolese strain including the origins, THC content, appearance, effects & more.

Despite being an award-winning strain of cannabis, nobody knows where Red Congolese came from. With that being said, the plant has likely been grown in Central Africa for generations. However, the genetics of the strain has been altered and combined with other strains over time.

The Lineage Of Red Congolese Haze

The lineage of Red Congolese is a mystery. It is derived from an African Sativa landrace strain, but it has been crossed with multiple other strains in various regions. Contemporary cultivars likely contain traces of Afghani and Mexican strain genetics. As a result, despite being a strong Sativa blend, it has some features that are more characteristic of an Indica.