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red vines seeds

Red vines seeds

The plant can tolerate temporary dry spells but prefers moisture, but not bogginess. It prefers shelter from cold and drying winds.

Once you have decided on an outdoor location for them, the next step will generally be to provide a supporting vertical structure for them to grow on. Cypress vine is a true climber that climbs by twining around objects and it is not a container plant. This vine is delicate and easily damaged, so be careful in handling a runner when you are moving it this way or that to encourage it to climb in a particular direction. The vine can also grow out rather than up and it may accidentally latch on to other plants and overtake them, so it requires a watchful eye. Suitable supporting structures can include:

For ideal growth, water to keep the soil evenly moist (but not soggy).

Temperature and Humidity

Cypress vine, part of the bindweed family (Convolvulaceae), is valued not only as a flowering vine with small, delicate, papery star-shaped blooms, mostly in bright red, but also as a foliage plant with graceful, dainty, and feathery fern-like leaves.

Cypress vine needs full sun for it to bloom. Giving it proper support to climb on (so that it is not shaded by nearby plants) is often a necessary step in meeting this requirement.


Avoid damping off problems with the seedlings. The fungus that causes this problem is usually the result of overly wet and fertilized soil. Thin out seedlings to make sure there’s plenty of air circulation.

Though it is considered an annual, the cypress vine can also be technically called a perennial because its self-seeding ability makes it appear year after year without much intervention. If planting from scratch, do so in the spring after the threat of frost has passed. The fast-growing vine begins its aggressive climb once the soil becomes warm and blooms in about a month, and keep an eye out for straying, invasive vines that may be reaching out to other plants.

Red vines seeds

The star-shaped flower are full of nectar and humming birds cannot resist them. Deadheading the spent blooms will encourage a prolonged bloom season. Blooms will usually start the first of summer and continue until fall.

Transplant the seedling outdoors after danger of frost. Another method would be to directly sow Cypress Vine seeds outdoors after all danger of frost. Once the soil has warmed and can be loosened and weeded, sow 6 Cypress Vine flower seeds per foot. Cover with 1/8 inch garden soil, and keep them moist until germination. When seedlings emerge, thin to 9 – 12 inches apart.

Cypress vine seed | red

Cypress Vine Red (Ipomoea Pennata Red) -Start Cypress Vine seeds to create a beautiful climbing vine that makes the perfect concealing screen. Cypress Vines are easy and fast to grow, and they cheer up an unsightly building or climb a trellis or pergola quickly to provide a dazzling display. This variety has star-shaped red blooms and feathery, fern-like leaves. This vine brings not only brilliant color, but also wonderful texture. Sometimes this Ipomoea vine is called Star Glory or Hummingbird Vine.

How To Grow Cypress Vine From Seed: Hummingbird Vine seeds are large. Some gardeners recommend soaking the seeds in tepid water for 2 hours before sowing. This is supposed to quicken germination. Sow the Cypress Vine flower seed indoors 3 – 4 weeks before the end of frost season. Using small pots, sow the flower seeds onto moist starter mix and cover 1/8 inch with soil. Keep the Cypress Vine seed moist until germination.

How to grow

Cypress Vine plants grow well in full sun or partial shade. They are not picky about the quality of soil, but it does need to have good drainage. Once the Cypress Vine Star Glory plant is established well, it can withstand periods of drought. However, it will grow faster and have more blooms with regular water. In some warm regions, Cypress Vine will grow as a perennial.

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