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reddit weed growing

Reddit weed growing

Very good article that covered very much in as simple terms as possible. I do feel that the drying / curing part was skipped a bit, as it is also very important, and you can't 'just dry them', but there was a link to an article going into that in more detail.

Thanks you. Now to get some loot to buy all the equipment.

Yeah, I gotta say the only part I found (relatively) difficult was learning to properly dry & cure.

If you have money to buy weed then you have money to build and setup a grow room. You decide which is more important; spending money on buying weed to get you through to the end of the day/month or spending money on setting yourself up for a perpetual grow, and you never having to buy unknown weed again? It's not that expensive but you might have to go without weed for a month or two, if you have no savings.

Reddit weed growing

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