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reptile light for growing weed

Reptile light for growing weed

If you are looking for a high quality white LED that really can replace a 1000w HPS then you want the HLG 550 V2.

I consider buying these bulbs a good investment and that the test proved successful. I have seen enough that I plan on buying the Solacure UVB bulbs in the future. I would recommend either product but if you are not sure or dont have a lot to spend try the Reptisun 10.0 UVB bulbs.

Our atmosphere filters out most of this spectrum but UVB light is at higher levels as altitude increases which may explain why most premier growing areas are at higher altitudes.

Most reptile bulbs provide UVA light which is helpful for plant growth but have very low levels of UVB light which is what boosts trichomes and THC levels.

Explaining UV and Cannabis

UVB is supposed to enhance trichome production and also raise THC levels. It needs to be added because it is not available with regular lighting used to grow weed. Metal halide has some but the glass does not allow it through.

Because most of us are growing indoors our plants do not get the UV light the sun provides so we need to add it with UV bulbs. This may explain partly why plants tend to grow better outdoors.

Here are some pictures taken on day 59 of my current grow. There has definitely been a change in these plants even with a weaker UVB bulb and I think I will be using the more expensive bulbs in the future.


I want to do a Reptisun 10.0 UVB review for supplemental cannabis lighting. I will be using it along side my HLG 550 during the last 2 weeks of flower.

A lot of reviews on UVB light for weed are mixed. Some say it works, some say it doesn’t. Based on what I am seeing I feel the failure to see results is from lights without enough UVB to make a difference. If I am seeing results now I can hardly wait to see what the Solacure bulbs can do.

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I would say small periods through out the day. It will be like tanning as only so much THC can be made as the reaction will run out of reactants and will need to be replinished.

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UVB catalyzes a reaction to form certian enantiomers and synthesize THC. They would be great to use during flowering although slightly detrimental they may increase the potency.

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If you’re trying to use the bulbs as the primary grow lights, stop it. These shouldn’t be used as the main source of light, only as a little side light to experiment with and try to increase potency.

Reptile light for growing weed

Repti glo 10.0 UV spectrum chart:

Preparation for testing after being subjected to the UVA UVB lighting and then drying and curing is to trim or manicure it as best as humanly possible.
Here is why..

Testing Results: I do not currently have access to a Gas Chromatography test to compare the 2 samples, if someone wants to help out here let me know, I can provide the funds.
Of coarse if a obvious visual difference is noticeable then the test will provide a positive answer, HOWEVER if a visual difference is not noticeable we could still be missing something that a GC will detect, and even if a visual difference is noticeable I am sure we all want to know in percentage values what kind of increases took place, like I said someone reach out to me.

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Micro and mini grow-ops can benefit from UVB supplementation, but need smaller bulbs. Desert reptiles like the bearded dragon require the radiation to make vitamin D, just as humans do. You can purchase a small UVB-emitting lamp at most pet stores. Mineral enthusiasts also use UVB lamps to make their rocks fluoresce, but the small handheld lamps are probably not potent enough for even a single plant.

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What id like to do is to get an estimate on how indoor growers could reproduce this results at home. To get an estimate on what lights, how much lights, and so on, wich could be beneficial. According to the scientists they used 240w UVB, but i dont know on how big of an area. The scientists says that 13,4 KJ / m2 is the level of UCB used in their trials, and that is as much as the UVB levels in 3000m altitude in mountains where strong marijuana is found to grow. According to the article marijuana grown in these UVB rich areas has a 33% increased THC content compared to the same marijuana grown at sea level.