Reserva Privada Review

Reserva Privada Review

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Reserva Privada is a sub-division of DNA Genetics, consisting of experienced breeders from the West Coast of America. All seeds offered by Reserva Privada are manufactured from premium cannabis strains and are batch tested to ensure quality and productivity. All the seeds are highly productive and offer uncompromising level of quality with each strain winning a cannabis cup.

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  1. Skunk #1 crossed along with a traditional Dutch strain known as “Viking”, which diminished her flowering time drastically with a number of weeks, enabling you to harvest within the 6th & 7th week of flowering. This strain is primarily developed for growers that don’t have a whole lot of time available, and may be developed both outdoor and indoor for many European countries.

  2. Based on the Malawi White Russian line and crossed with the Sweet Tooth 3, Grapefruit line & merged with a Congo Nepalese.

  3. Dutch Passion’s Mazar Feminized Seeds originate from the upgraded offering of Dutch Passion’s valued former Afghan/Skunk. These Mazar seeds develop a plant having a softer taste than previous as well as a better yield. This strain won 1st Prize for the best Indica, Tipo Forte, Bologna 08′, combined with 2nd Prize during the Highlife Cup 02′. Something you will realize within the Mazar seed is it creates an Afghani plant which resembles a rather short Christmas tree . The Dutch Passion Mazar is 100% Indica and extremely resinous accompanied by a high 19.5% THC content. You’ll receive an outstanding up high with the Mazar as both mom and dad are extremely dependable with the offspring being very reliable too.