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reverse osmosis for growing weed

Reverse osmosis for growing weed

CaliMagic is a popular Cal-Mag supplement from General Hydroponics, but other Cal-Mag supplements (made for plants) will also work.

Where to Get RO Water

“RO” or “Reverse Osmosis” water has been treated to make sure you’re dealing with just water, without any other contaniments or minerals.

Or many growers make RO water at home with a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

RO water can be purchased at water stations (which are located in many cities), or growers can invest in an RO system to make reverse osmosis water at home.

What nutrients work with RO water?

Calcium & Magnesium Supplements

Other growers use RO to “start fresh” as far as water is concerned. With RO water, you know exactly what you’re dealing with! There is nothing in RO water that you didn’t put there yourself.

Reverse osmosis for growing weed

We’ll be honest with you, not everyone needs RO water for growing. But for the most part, investing in a reverse osmosis water machine will change your life. You want high quality water regardless of whether your plants grow in soil or in a soilless hydroponic system.

Step 1: Hang the filter assembly kit at the height that is specified in the user manual. Turn off hot and cold water shutoffs and install the tee/saddle valve that comes included with the unit.

The Express Water RO System is as good as it gets when it comes to water purification. It uses 6 stages of filtration, and each of these filters lists out the impurities/contaminants removed. For example, the Activated Carbon Block removes “chlorine, insecticides, benzene, tastes, odors, and other organic chemicals.”

How to Know if You Need RO Water for Your Grow

You’ve got the option for either a 50 GPD or 100 GPD, so choose carefully based on your allowed number of plants. The things we like most about the Barracuda are its quick-connect fittings and easy cartridge replacements.

Would you like an ACMPR medical license to grow up to 500 plants at home?

PPM, or parts per million, is a measurement of the dissolved substances contained within your water. You can use a digital PPM pen for an exact measurement, and if it’s well above zero, reverse osmosis-ing is a good idea.

ACMPR Resources to Get Started

As an ACMPR grower, you should be feeding your plants water that you would want to drink yourself. But the main difference is that a grow room full of plants needs way more water than a human drink can drink on a daily basis.

The iSpring RCS5T is an industrial reverse osmosis system that has an impressive flow rate of 500 gallons per day. That’s a lot of water. It may look like a fairly standard machine, but it’s capable of eliminating over 1,000 different pollutants as it filters.

Reverse osmosis for growing weed

I can’t write it any better than the Royal Queen Seeds Blog, so here is how they phrased it:

Chemicals & Heavy Metals

SOLUTION: Ultraviolet Disinfection (“UV”) and Quantum Disinfection (“QD”) are two of the most widey used methods. Disinfection is typically the final stage of any cannabis water treatment system. UV works by destroying the DNA of the bacteria while QD works by relieving bacteria of electrons which causes the cell to implode and cease to exist.

Total Dissolved Solids

#1 – Coconut shell granular activated carbon (GAC); and
#2 – Coconut shell catalytic granular activated carbon