Ripper Seeds Review

Ripper Seeds Review

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Ripper Seeds is a cannabis seedbank t that was born after years of experimenting with marijuana cultivation and selecting a gene pool consisting of more than 40 varieties, which are selected according to criteria of aroma, taste, effect, production, resistance , flowering or structure. The 7 varieties that complete the Ripper Seeds catalog for 2012 are the result of working with some of these very powerful genetic mothers. Find varieties of marijuana 100% indica, sativa varieties and hybrids. In fact, the big Ripper Seeds intention is to increase the map of aromas and flavors that currently occupy the cannabis market.

Seeds Ripper therefore offers a new range of organoleptic sensations that will surprise the most demanding growers.

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  1. The Kali will be the latest Feminized strain within the legendary Big Buddha Seed bank. The tale of ‘The Kali’ continues to be a nonstop task for Big Buddha Seeds, who’ve searched for a long time for that female, whose male counterpart was the cause in ‘The Big Buddha Cheese’ back crossing ventures.

  2. The RM Ultimate Outdoor can be described as shared project involving Texada Island Genetics and Reeferman. This is a hybrid between Erd-Beer and a really old skunk plant, that’s been grown inside islands within the last 12 years. It’ll grow to around 6′ and will yield more than 1lb of very premium quality rock hard circular buds which smell like road kill; sweet and skunky similar to Burmese. This extremely swift strain is done in 6 weeks.

  3. Delicious La Frutta Di Venus of Ruderalis automatic genetics was dressed with a spectacular genetic of Great White Shark, our wineries’ precious reserve. This strain offers an incredible productiveness of great power and typical flavor of the white and skunk family in its automatic version. You will be amazed with its fast cultivation period and crops.