RooR Fires Up New Marijuana Business Model: RooR Seeds Amsterdam

RooR Fires Up New Marijuana Business Model: RooR Seeds Amsterdam

Almost anyone within the 420 industry that smokes their weed from fine glass, rather than blunts, has heard of, and associates quality with the name ROOR. After setting a high standards for the Stoner set, RooR is ready to cultivate more mad love in another fast growing sector of the burgeoning marijuana market – cannabis seeds, beans – God’s gift to humans.

Headquartered out of Amsterdam (of course), RooR seeds anticipates a seamless transition from being an industry leader, specializing in high-quality marijuana glass, to being an industry leader helping the world grow green with high-quality cannabis seeds.

Since maintaining a laser beam focus on glass production, for the clumsy 420 world. That business model will remain their primary focus. Meanwhile, Roor Amsterdam has chosen to delegate many of the touchy genetic selections to some of the best breeders the world has to offer.

Hearing the pleas from the medical marijuana community, Roor Amsterdam has responded by stating that over the next 12 months they plan on releasing a genetically enhanced CBD strain of cannabis. Specifically developed for them by the CBD crew, a well-known breeders collective, which has been tirelessly crossbreeding strains – with the goal of creating the ultimate CBD strain.

Well aware of the chronic seed competition, quickly cultivating around the world, RooR Seed Company felt the need to distinguish themselves from the onset. The first matter of business in doing so was to nourish a collaborative model amongst the world’s top breeders. To be clear this will constitute working with many highly skilled seed breeders around the quickly warming globe. The first two partnerships have already germinated between the Mr. nice team and the CBD crew… As more states pile on the medical marijuana train, the importance of this type of partnership and the type of strains they could develop, may prove to be invaluable to many with debilitating illnesses.