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root beer float seeds

This cannabis immerses the mind in a strong high, along with euphoric, exhilarant, and slightly arousing effects. The surprisingly successful balance of Indica and Sativa drives away bad thoughts, worries, and fatigue, bringing in return only happiness and uplifting. Thanks to the pain-relieving effect, the body relaxes and fills with warmth, and it seems that it’s time for a light sleep or chilling with favorite music or movie.

Fast-acting Root Beer Float, together with potency of around 21-26% THC, provides the ability to treat chronic pain, insomnia, depression, nausea, and improve appetite. This marijuana is suitable for experienced smokers, mainly in the evening.

Hermetic Genetics crossed the classic XXX OG and Vanilla Kush to create a fairly rare Root Beer Float hybrid. Its lineage is very rich in famous strains such as OG Kush, Chemdawg, Kashmiri, Afgoo, and Vanilla Kush. Thanks to them, this marijuana possesses a lot of its unique characteristics that attract many consumers.


Root Beer Float strain stands out for its amazing sweet and slightly spicy flavor with citrus, vanilla, and herbal notes. Many smokers consider this taste as the classic standard. Its root beer aroma is also full of sour, earthy, and woody undertones, with an expressive pine note.

The difficulty of growing Root Beer Float plants is moderate. It is especially worth highlighting the resistance of this plant to pests both inside and outside. Flowering time takes about 60-65 days on average, depending on conditions and care.


Thick colas clustered with cloud-like flowers produce well with a noticeably pungent sarsaparilla smell and taste. These plants have an observed pest and pathogen resistance while finishing rather quickly indoor and sun-grown, and when cured correctly potent purple flowers have lingering layers of star-anise and cream hashish on a foundation of Kush funk. 50-60 days indoor/sun-grown. Tests regularly above 20%THC and 4% Terpenes.

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