Royal Queen Seeds Review

Royal Queen Seeds Review

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Royal Queen Seeds from the Netherlands, high quality genetically stable strains with the back-up of great customer service and a Germination Guarantee (where laws permit germination). We have been dealing with Royal Queen for three years now and have seen minimal failure rates and NO feminisation failures that we have been made aware of. That’s a serious track record! This seed house may not always be cutting edge, but they are seriously consistant and produce great stable and high yielding plants.

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  1. The fans of Critical + are particularly delighted with its speedy growth, yet they are even remarkably delighted with the strong flavor and also massive harvests. Several have indeed expressed that after various years of usage they’re begining to get tired with its flavor and even further so with its effect, which loses its strength. Breeding it with JYD Haze, which has an 84 day blossomming period, we’ve aspired to increase the psychoactive level as much as achievable without constantly enhancing the blooming period, trying simultaneously to get a more desirable resistance to high degrees of moisture content so as to ensure an effective harvest. Critical + is obviously the dominant part in the crossbreed, that grows slightly later yet in exchange has significantly enhanced its effect and flavor. The size and amount from the resin created with this strain greatly goes beyond that of Critical +, though the flavor includes additional tones than that of its mythically prosperous predecessor, which is currently a reference because of its powerful flavor. One more clear repercussion is its growing vigor, which has enhanced markedly. This crossbreed has a disposition to grow in the style of a Xmas tree, having lengthy limbs, all stemming from the main trunk. It is in some cases needed to set supports for the branches of outdoor plants for you to defend against them from rupturing in solid winds, particularly with bigger plants of almost 3m. A little quantity of these plants bloom quite later on as a result of the Haze genetics. It is recommendable to allow those plants to develop to be able to obtain a more extreme effect and flavor.