Samsara Seeds Review

Samsara Seeds Review

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Samsara is a cannabis seed bank specializing in autoflowering and feminized marijuana seeds. Buy marijuana seeds at our online store and get the best prices on automatic and feminized. Our cannabis seeds come from the best varieties (White Dwarf, Mazar, Low Ryder, Black Domina, Skunk…) and produce high yields in a few weeks.

3 thoughts on “Samsara Seeds Review”

  1. KC39 is a indica strain having latin origins. A taller plant, particularly if grown outdoors in temperate climates.

  2. A wonderful blend from the Himalaya’s, (mostly Indica) Night Shade grows small and heavy, giving huge buds, sweet pine aromatic and incredibly strong. The result is vintage indica, intense and stoney. The indica kick is distinguished while it wraps surrounding you leaving you cozy and warm.

  3. Cannaventure Seeds Jazz Berry Jam- Skunk/Afghan (no direct relation to the RKS) x Blueberry Indica. This cross is Definitively sure to provide individuals with a keeper or two. Some serious gem’s to be uncovered. Full on Indica, & the Mother plant was among the frostiest plants, I’ve got in my possession. JBJ, stays small, and doesn’t stretch considerably once flipped to 12/12… Average to somewhat above average inside the yield department, and absolutely completed in 2 months. This cross is mostly about “bag appeal” along with a great smell and taste. For those Indica lover’s, here it is.