San Jose Making Progress with MMJ Ordinance

San Jose Making Progress with MMJ Ordinance

Up in San Jose, the anti-marijuana Sharks are easing up their hunt for blood in the water, that blood being cannabisdispensaries in San Jose’s territory.

The Citizens Coalition for Patience Care successfully passed a referendum after getting 31,101 valid signatures to repeal the ordinance that would have severely weakened the future of medical marijuana in San Jose.

After a nearly two year process, the council in September passed an ordinance that would limit the number of medical marijuana collectives to 10 in limited commercial and industrial areas, implement a first come, first served registration process, and restrict marijuana cultivation to on-site only.

San Jose’s mayor, Chuck Reed, stated that he’s considering either modifying or repealing the ordinance before it’s put to a city wide vote. He also said he’d consider upping his limit of dispensaries from 10 to 25.

Look at that–the power of the people and the ability to rally behind a cause they believe in actually does exist in the 21st century! While the Coalition certainly isn’t yet victorious, it seems like they’re headed towards a minor victory here, which will help patients and marijuana industry members in the San Jose area.

Compromises are what this industry is and will continue to center on in the future as cities try and regulate their systems–without ruffling too many plants and patients in the process.