Sativa vs. Indica… What’s the Difference?

Sativa vs. Indica... What's the Difference?

Sure, we all have our favorite strains of weed… Some like OG Kush for its red wine like body high. While others prefer a cerebrally uplifting sativa – such as the feminized crossbreed Queen, AK-47 x Blueberry. A bride of Frankenstein – pieced together from two different auto flower genetics. Lite, in the physical body high, yet inspirational and thought-provoking for those seeking a creative retreat from the static noise of the real world.

While these are a slightly more nuanced variance, let’s take a look at the fundamental difference between Sativa and and Indica’s genetics, and just what their central differences are.

Sativa works brilliantly for those that seek artistic inspiration. You see, sativa is a cerebral high that affects the brain, as well as the central nervous system. With varying degrees of psychoactive cannabinoids like THC, it tends to help you focus on myopic topics, allowing for in-depth analysis and creativity. Permitting the undistracted mind to enjoy a perspective shift on the world, minus the static noise, which often drowns out the creative signal. Sativa’s are extremely effective at treating depression, fatigue, ADD, ADHD and mild social anxiety. For those seeking relief for pain, or insomnia a good Indica should set you straight.

Indica and most of its genetic variations, work well for people that seek relief from aches and pains due to MS or other muscular ailments. Primarily affecting the body and its muscular system, Indica’s active ingredients engage the human endocannabinoid system. When used as an anesthetic for pain reduction, Indicas offer a safer, less addictive means of managing the chronic pain associated with several of today’s most prevalent diseases. Additionally Indica is wonderful for those that suffer from common pain, stress, insomnia, neuropathy, menstrual cramps, glaucoma, the side effects of chemotherapy and even some forms of epilepsy.

While Sativa has been spread throughout the world, thanks to our globetrotting 420 cultivators. It is primarily indigenous to Columbia, Jamaica, Thailand … And of course Northern California. When we look at the roots of Indica, we see a strong historical presence in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

While a pot plant, is a pot plant to a cop. Not all marijuana plants look the same, and depending on your environment, some can be intertwined into your existing landscape with minimal notice.

Sativa’s for example, tend to grow much taller. Producing a fluffy flower, that is generally on the piney side of the flavor spectrum. Should you have tall topiary in your landscape… a well-placed Sativa plant or two could easily go unnoticed.

Indica plants, on the other hand tend to be shorter and stockier, producing dense, dank colas. Should you have shorter shrubs as your surrounding landscaping, or even a decent sized vegetable garden with tomato plants? One could easily, in a covert manner, strategically place several plants around your yard, that would be hard to notice.

…at least until harvest time – then they’ll wreak like upset skunks, if you’re lucky.