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scotts weed and seed five dollar coupon

Scotts weed and seed five dollar coupon

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Scotts Miracle-Gro Canada has posted a new coupon.

Redeem by October 31st, 2015.

Scotts Miracle-Gro Company has many great lawn and garden products that will transform your yard and gardens.
Scott Lawn Garden has been growing beautiful and healthy lawns for more than 140 years and they take great pride in sharing all of their secrets.
Scott Lawn Garden offers lawn fertilizers, grass seed, wild bird food, soils and mulch.
Scotts Miracle Grown has plant food, soil and organics to help you feed your lawn and garden.

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Scotts weed and seed five dollar coupon

Everyone wants a green lawn during the summer, and here is a coupon from Scotts Canada to help you obtain one. Save $5 on the purchase of Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed with this printable coupon. The offer is valid on the 1.7 kg size only.

The 1.7 kg jug of Scotts Turf Builder EZ seed is regularly $19.97 at Home Depot Canada, so this coupon will save you a minimum of 25%, and more if you can find a great sale price on the Turf Builder. The coupon does state that a limit of one coupon may be redeemed per product, and that one coupon may be redeemed per person, so in one shopping trip you may only use when coupon, however, you do have the ability to print as many coupons as you would like. The offer is valid into the fall, expiring October 31st, 2015.

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More places have Walmart than TSC.

How to Use
1. PREP – Prep by removing dead grass and loosening hard soil
2. APPLY – Apply until ground is only slightly visible for bare spots and about 50% covered for thin spots (EZ Seed will expand when watered)
3. WATER – Water until EZ Seed is completely soaked without pooling. When EZ Seed lightens, add more water!

[Wal-Mart]Scotts Turf Builder EZ seed 1.7kg $13.88 on sale (addition $5 coupon)


Ya, it works. I used my phone to download it instead.

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Someone posted this already.

It is only worth it if your daily schedule or general personality absolutely precludes your ability to water grass seed properly until it gets established, it may or may not actually extend watering periods for germination I have no idea. but even so it is not that hard to buy a timer and leave a small sprinkler on the patch.