Seattle Hempfest: 22nd Anniversary of Cannabis Education

Seattle Hempfest: 22nd Anniversary of Cannabis Education

America’s largest annual pro cannabis rally – Seattle’s Hempfest – is about to celebrate its 22nd anniversary, evolving into the world’s most chronic annual marijuana festival.

When the third weekend of August rolls around every year, the Seattle Hempfest hosts a wide spectrum of breeders, expert marijuana cultivators, cannabis activists and the obligatory marijuana centric booths; dealing in glassware, edibles, T-shirts… and a host of other 420 centric products.

22 years ago when this event was originally conceived, the purpose was to elevate hemp awareness and educate the public on the myriad of known beneficial applications of this prolific natural resource. Going well beyond the medical application of cannabinoids for the betterment of human health; to include industrial textiles, environmental benefits (the replacement of cannabis plants for trees in the production of paper), and economic benefits that would stem from the legalization of industrial hemp cultivation in the US.

This year Gil from WeedMaps.TV will be on hand with the WeedMaps crew – manning the always hectic and popular WM’s booth, and doing on the spot interviews with festivalgoers. With over $30,000 worth of WM schwag to hand out to the expected 300,000 + stoners, looking to jam themselves onto the Seattle waterfront near Centennial Park, Myrtle Edwards Park, and Olympic sculpture Park – things should be crazy. Look for a chronic fog bank of healthy pot smoke to blanket the event this weekend.

The Hemptastic event will fire up this Friday at high noon, with the three parks closing at 8 PM sharply, every evening. Both Saturday and Sunday event will fire up at 10 AM rather than 12 PM.

While dabing maybe high on everyone’s list – torches have been banned this year from the festival grounds. Either bring your vaporizer or E-nail and if you intend on hitting concentrates.